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How to: Search

How to: Search

If you have any questions about Compass's search, please send us a message at




The search feature pulls in results from all content in the Compass Community which includes the wikis, forums, events, and more. Read this tutorial to learn more about how you can filter and scope your search to find what you are looking for.


Search bar

Start your search here. The search bar appears on every page, but you can also bookmark the Search page to visit it directly.

Tutorial Screenshot #0.png



As you add text to the search bar, you will see suggestions for your search term. Scroll and select a relevant suggestion or click on the magnifying glass icon to continue with your search phrase.

Tutorial Screenshot #1.png


Search page

Here is a complete breakdown of the features on the full Search page.

Tutorial Screenshot #2.png

# Feature Description


Search Bar

Use this field to type in your search phrase. Remember to avoid punctuation and non-descriptive filler words. Search is not case-sensitive.


Content Sources

The search page defaults to all content in Compass. You can select the "Places" tab to view content from specific boards in the community. 



Choose one or more filters to scope your results from location to the type of post. You can also remove a filter by clicking the "X" button.



These are your search results. Key words from your search phrase are in bold.


Advanced Search

Utilize this option to search an exact phrase with one or more words and/or without certain words. You can also change how you can view your results by and the number of search results that are generated per page.


Search Options

Click this option to subscribe to the RSS feed for a particular search phrase.


Sorted by

Sort your results by best match, replies, kudos, views, or date.


Advanced search

There are multiple ways to refine your search. To start, click on Advanced located to the left of Search Options.

Tutorial Screenshot #3.png

Determine how you want to refine your search terms either with the exact phrase, with one or more words, without certain words, or all three.

Tutorial Screenshot #4.png

You can even change how you can view your results by.

Tutorial Screenshot #5.png

You can also change the number of search results per page up to a maximum of 50.

Tutorial Screenshot #6.png

Once you have determined your search modifiers, click the magnifying glass icon to generate a more narrow search results page.

Tutorial Screenshot #7.png



There are multiple ways to filter results into areas that are relevant to you. To get started, use any of the tabs located above the search results.

Tutorial Screenshot #8.png

Filter by Location to specify which boards in the community you would like to pull your search results from.

Tutorial Screenshot #9.png

You can also choose to search by specific Labels in the community.

Tutorial Screenshot #10.png

Only interested in seeing topics with solutions? Start by clicking Metadata and then check mark the Solved filter.

Tutorial Screenshot #11.png

Other filters include Author, Date, Type of Post, and Contains. You can use as many filters as you want to generate a refined search results page.

Tutorial Screenshot #12.png


Interested in sending your feedback about Compass's features and documentation? Read the How to: Submit feedback article.
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