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SailPoint Support Policy for Connectivity

SailPoint Support Policy for Connectivity

SailPoint Support Policy

SailPoint connectors and integrations are developed against a common connectivity platform. Product-specific aspects, including delivery mechanisms and UI components, are tailored to each supported product. Except where noted in this Connectivity Support Policy, Connectivity components follow the support policy of the parent SailPoint product for which the Connectivity component was released.

IdentityIQ, new and enhanced connectors and integrations are delivered in the latest IdentityIQ releases and patches. The support policy of IdentityIQ Connectivity components is adopted from the underlying IdentityIQ Support Policy.

IdentityNow has two types of sources. Virtual Appliance (VA) based and SaaS sources. To know more about these sources please visit Connector Guides.  

VA-based Sources are installed on IdentityNow Virtual Appliances, while the SaaS sources are an integral part of IdentityNow cloud architecture. The support policy of IdentityNow Connectivity components is adopted from the underlying IdentityNow - Premium Support Guide.


Deprecation and End of Life Policy

SailPoint continuously evaluates customer and market demand for Connectivity needs. Based on this evaluation, SailPoint may decide to drop support for an Integration Module or Connector.  Dropping support is a two-step process. First SailPoint will announce the deprecation of Integration module or connector. Deprecation refers to the date when SailPoint no longer provides fixes, updates, or technical support. For any Connectivity end of support decision, SailPoint will provide 12 months of notice to customers after deprecation announcement.

In IdentityIQ, an Integration Module or Connector for which deprecation is announced will no longer ship in the next IdentityIQ version / release, e.g. 8.3 that is released following the 12-month notice period. In addition, it will not be shipped in any patch of the current IdentityIQ releases e.g 8.3p1.

In IdentityNow, a Source for which deprecation is announced will be removed from the IdentityNow user interface in order to prevent any new deployment of the Source. However, existing users of the source may continue to use already-configured instances of the source for the remainder of the 12-month notice period. The source code will be removed (EOL) in the first IdentityNow source release 12 months after the deprecation announcement was made. Once the code is removed from the Connector Bundle, the connector will cease working. On-premises IdentityNow components, such as IQService, must be updated within 90 days of a new release in order to ensure supportability.


Target System Version Support

Target System product version refers to the version of the 3rd party target system that SailPoint integrates with/connects to from a supported SailPoint product. Current versions of SailPoint will support the current version and latest prior version of a supported 3rd party target system. When a new version of the 3rd party target system is released, SailPoint will apply the following policy. When a version of the 3rd party target system is no longer supported by the 3rd party through a standard support model (doesn’t include extended support cycle of target system), SailPoint will deprecate support for the specific version of the 3rd party target system that is no longer supported by the 3rd party.


Target System upcoming (latest) version Support

For target systems that allows customer control of updates, SailPoint typically delivers support for the latest update to the target system within 1 year of the GA date of target system release.

For target systems that do not permit direct customer control over the version that a customer uses, SailPoint will make a supportability determination as soon as possible after GA. If 3rd party updates require intervention from SailPoint to maintain existing Connectivity functions, SailPoint will make every reasonable effort to restore functionality as quickly as possible.

SailPoint Connectivity updates that deliver support for the current releases of 3rd party products will be provided for the three latest versions of IdentityIQ and the current version of IdentityNow. Support for a new version of the 3rd party product will be supported only in the latest Connectivity release/patch version.


Ancillary Components

Some Sources/Connectors/Applications use ancillary components e.g.

Type 1: SailPoint Built software components

  • IQService (used by Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, etc..)
  • Desktop Password Reset
  • Password Interceptor (Active Directory)
  • Password Interceptor (IBMi)
  • Connector Gateway (Mainframe)
  • Cloud Gateway (IdentityIQ)
  • Mainframe connectors (RACF, Top Secret, ACF2)

As some of these ancillary components are deployed onto target systems that cannot be automatically updated by SailPoint thus customer intervention is required.

Type 2: SailPoint Built Apps for Target System

  • ServiceNow Apps 

For more information, please refer SailPoint's ServiceNow Apps page. Information of supportability for ServiceNow apps, refer the link here.  


Lifecycle of Ancillary Components

The lifecycle of any ancillary component version is until the next release of that component. These components are completely decoupled from IdentityIQ and always backward compatible so that the upgrade schedule for these components is not tightly coupled with IdentityIQ updates.

Upgrades of Ancillary Components

Ancillary Components are backward compatible and don’t produce software patches. That means features enhancements, defects and security fix always be released with the next release version.

Deprecation and EOL of Ancillary Component

Once SailPoint connectivity releases any new version of an Ancillary Component, Deprecation of the prior version will be announced. Customers should plan their upgrade to the latest version of that component with this deprecation/EOL schedule in mind. 

IdentityIQ – Deprecation announcement concurrent with the release of a new version; EOL of older versions 6 months from the date of Deprecation.

IdentityNow –Deprecation announcement concurrent with the release of a new version; EOL of older versions 90 days from the date of Deprecation.

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