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Optimizing Activity Monitoring in File Access Manager

Optimizing Activity Monitoring in File Access Manager

To optimize Activity Monitoring in your File Access Manager installation:

  1. Run Activity Reports for the last 1 day, last 1 week, last 1 month.
  2. On the Activities per User worksheet of each report, discover the accounts that can be excluded and add them to the “excluded users” for the given application in the Admin client. See Setting Up Activity Monitoring Exclusions for more information.
  3. On the Activities per Resource worksheet of each report, discover any action type (for example, Read) that is eligible to be discarded. Add the appropriate Discard rules in the File Access Manager business website. (Settings > Discard Rules > New Rule).



  4. In some scenarios with WFS administrative shares, duplicate activities may appear due to one event entry being via the admin share and another through a regular share. To mitigate this, a Discard Rule should be created and applied with the following conditions:
    1. Scope Type: Application Type
    2. Value: Windows File Server (Agent)



    3. Attribute: Original Access Path
    4. Operator: Contains
    5.  Value: $


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