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Resources mentioned during user group!

Hello All!

We enjoyed interacting with everyone that was able to attend the user group. For those who weren't able to attend, no worries. We'll be sharing recordings of the presentations in this group.

Additionally, this group will be a place to continue networking and collaborating with your fellow user group peers.

Below are several resources I mentioned during the user group

Office Hour Questions Every month our SailPoint experts will host an Office Hour and answer your questions live. If you'd like to submit a question, comment them here.

SailPoint Developer Portal - We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new SailPoint Developer Community.

This community site will be a destination for both developers and identity professionals alike, and will provide the answers, tools, and resources you need to extend your identity governance solution. The site contains guides & documentation for extending the platform to other applications within your ecosystem, openAPI specifications for our web services, blog content straight from our engineers, and even a community forum devoted to discussions, questions, and solutions for developers.

In Discovery - items are business problems currently under research by the SailPoint Product Team. Use the links on this page to stay informed and get engaged in this process. We look forward to hearing your input! View here.

Have a great day on purpose!

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Had a great time yesterday!

Additional items mentioned in my talk / discussions from yesterday:


IDPro : Identity Professionals Organization 

This organization seeks to enhance the career of identity professionals: from a Book of Knowledge which provides definitions and best practices, to certification exams to prove what you know, to a slack community where any question can be asked and feedback given.


Shared Signals

Shared Signals is the emerging standard that I mentioned that allows for the sharing of identity context events between systems in a pub/sub format. The above link (from Cisco) is the best visual explanation of what we're talking about in the working group that I'm a part of.