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Access request state/status

Access request state/status



I couldn't find a single place that had the state definitions outlined. If it does exist, let me know and I can reference it. The following access request state descriptions are compiled from conversations and my own research. If anyone has anything to add, please do.


Completion status

Note: Located in the upper left section of the Request

• Failure – All of the requested items have failed to complete

• Incomplete – One or more of the requested items failed to complete, but there were one or more successes

• Success – Indicates all of the requested items have been completed

• Pending – The request process is still active


Execution status

Note: Located in the upper right section of the Request

• Completed - The request completed and was verified

• Completed Pending Verification – All approvals are complete and waiting to verify the changes have taken place.

• Executing – The request is executing, which indicates the workflow is still processing.

• Terminated – The request has been terminated before it was able to complete

• Verify – The request has finished the workflow and is waiting to be verified by the provisioning scanner.


Approval status

Note: Located in the “Request Items” section

• Cancelled – The work item was canceled with no user input

• Expired – The work item expired with no action taken

• Finished – The work item has finished normally

• Pending – The work item is created in the pending state and waiting to be actioned

• Rejected – The work item was rejected

• Returned – The owner decided not to accept this work item


Provisioning status

• Committed – The plan has been executed and successfully applied by an integration. We have yet to verify the object which will take it to the Finished state.

• Pending – The plan has been executed, but the changes have not been completed.

• Unverifiable – The plan has been executed but this item was not found in the app's schema and therefore can not be verified by the scanner.

• Failed – The plan has been executed and there was a failure indicated by the integration.

• Finished – The plan has been executed and the changes have been applied and verified.

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This is great, just what I was looking for. Thanks.

Provisioning Status  is Not Verifiable. Can you please help out with this status.

"Not Verifiable" in the provisioning status field is the same as the provisioning status value "Unverified".  This typically occurs when SailPoint cannot connect to the application to verify that provisioning has occurred.

What happens if the Execution Status is Terminated but the Completion Status and Provisioning Status are Pending? Will the provisioning ever happen, or is it safe to assume it won't ever be completed? Are the Pending status about to change at some point? 

Are there official definitions for the following statuses below?

Filtered – Dependency

Filtered – Does Not Exist

Filtered – Exists

Filtered – Requested

This can be found in the javadoc



Thanks for this very helpful information.

Could someone also throw some light on the Request Timed-out cases? Is the actual provisioning is successful if the req get timed-out?




I am trying to create a report of all the access requests to filter out failed ones along with the error message for the failure. I am able to add the Approval Status column in the report but the Provisioning Status is not available. How can I fix this?

Hi @mxp519,

ProvisioningStatus is for each individual item in the access request and hence you will have to get it from individual IdentityRequestItem objects within IdentityRequest.




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