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Allowing embedded HTML tags showing in description field on manage user access or certifications

Allowing embedded HTML tags showing in description field on manage user access or certifications

In previous version of IdentityIQ, embedded html links were stripped due to security concerns. However, in version 8.0 of IdentityIQ and later, embedding html hyperlinks are now supported but in a manner that needs to be performed only with the discretion of the IdentityIQ Administrator.

In order to get to accomplish this First ensure you IdentityIQ installation is on version 8.0 or greater. The following entry key “htmlSanitizerPolicies “ needs to be updated in the System Configuration. The addition of entry "LINKS" needs to be added  as per below:

<entry key="htmlSanitizerPolicies">

After updating and saving this value all IIQ servers needs to be stopped and started again. For entitlement descriptions, add the following descriptions to their Bundle or Managed Attribute objects via debug page or by writing a rule and executing the rule as follow:

From Debug page: Notice is just an example here. In reality this would actually point to an intranet or a plugin page that contains further description or information regarding the Entitlement or link in managed attribute.

<entry key="sysDescriptions">
            <entry key="en_US" value="&lt;a href=&quot;;>google&lt;/a>"/>

Example of how to set within a Rule utilizing SailPoint API :

import sailpoint.object.Bundle;
  Bundle role = context.getObject(Bundle.class,"Demo Business role");
  role.addDescription("en_US","&lt;a href=\"\">google&lt;/a>");

 Below is a screenshot of the link as it is showing in IIQ:

This article was result of work done by Blake Bowen, Sr. Solution Architect.

Any support for htmlSanitizerPolicies updates in IdentityNow?  I am looking to do exactly this.

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