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Are you ready to migrate from IdentityIQ to Identity Security Cloud?

Are you ready to migrate from IdentityIQ to Identity Security Cloud?

A helpful checklist

Moving from an on-prem solution to a cloud solution is a significant transition for businesses. SailPoint has put together a checklist to help our IdentityIQ customers decide if they are ready to migrate.

Do any of the drivers apply to my organization?

Businesses don’t wake up one day and say, “I’m going to move to cloud today.” There are often key business and technical drivers that motivate organizations to move to the cloud. These drivers often reflect the strategic and operational benefits that a cloud solution can offer. Take a close look at the business and technical drivers below and mark any that apply to your organization.

Business drivers

  • Digital transformation/modernization of the business
  • Cloud mandate from leadership
  • Datacenter consolidation
  • Expansion, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Reallocation of resources
  • New technologies/new business applications adoption
  • Risk reduction and meeting compliance requirements

Technical drivers

  • Reduce time-consuming maintenance and management for hardware
  • Eliminate costly software upgrades, and the need for security updates for non-core operations
  • Enable faster deployment of incremental releases & patches
  • Free up skilled technical resources for core operations
  • Drive scalability and flexibility
If you have checked at least one of the boxes in “Business drivers” and more than one in “Technical drivers,” you should consider performing a SaaS migration assessment and discover the potential benefits your organization can unlock.


Does my organization have a SaaS mindset?

Having the right mindset and attitude is crucial when embarking on a SaaS migration assessment or any significant technology change initiatives. The following philosophies may help you decide what’s right for your organization:

  • Problem vs. feature parity – are we open to a different approach when solving a problem over a 1:1 feature set?
  • Evolution vs. replica – can we focus on the gains instead of the differences of the two solutions?
  • Customization vs. industry best practices – are we willing to look past costly customizations in favor of industry best practices to gain ability and flexibility?
  • Long-term ROI vs. short term savings – is my organization clear on the long-term goals and savings from lower housekeeping, higher availability, and increased productivity?
For IdentityIQ customers considering moving to Identity Security Cloud, instead of looking at one to one feature comparisons, we recommend focusing on solving the problem with a new approach.

Other key considerations

SaaS migration is no small task; it literally takes a village. The sooner all stakeholders are aligned, the better the migration experience.

  • Understand and prioritize your use cases and requirements. Sometimes it is just as important to know what features aren’t used by your organization as those that are
  • Be open minded - While some implementations are the same, others may be very different
  • Secure adequate budget and funding for the migration—our free assessment can help
  • Get buy-in and support from other business stakeholders within your organization
  • Understand any cross-departmental dependencies and their impact
  • It’s ok to migrate in phases – more manageable, lower risks
  • Establish a long term vision


Identity Security is a critical part of every modern enterprise. As organizations evolve, the approach and technologies behind how you manage and govern access should keep up, too. The evolution of SailPoint’s AI-driven SaaS Platform, the Identity Security Cloud, has helped organizations improve security posture, simplify operations, and reduce total cost of ownership.

To find out if migrating to cloud is right for you, or to understand more about SailPoint’s complementary SaaS migration assessment program for IdentityIQ customers. Please visit

We are here to help, advise, guide, and ensure that you have everything you need to make a well-informed decision about the next phase of your Identity program.
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