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Breaking and configuring identity locks

Breaking and configuring identity locks

Breaking locks

  • You should only break a lock if you think the lock was left behind by accident.
  • To do this, go into the console and issue the command: breakLocks Identity
  • ***Breaking locks that are merited can negatively affect other processes such as refresh or aggregation tasks.


Timeout values

  • The default expiration for locks is one hour.
  • The lock timeout for aggregation and refresh tasks are configurable in the XML: <entry key='lockTimeout' value='300'/>
    where the value is the number of seconds to wait before expiring.
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I do not see lockTimeout as one of the attribute used in the java API on Aggregator or RefreshExecutor class. In which version does this work. I'm currently looking into 6.3P1 version, as part of my upgrade plan.


Please ask this question in the IdentityIQ Forums

Thank you!

Well i missed to see them on base class.

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