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How do I get a copy of SailPoint.dtd?

How do I get a copy of SailPoint.dtd?


Problem description

IdentityIQ objects are always in an XML format with correlation and other rules being no exception. During the development process for these configuration objects, it's often convenient to use a favorite XML editor. However, the objects always refer to a 'sailpoint.dtd' as the associated DTD file. Unfortunately, that file is not located anywhere in the file system.

In order to take full advantage of an XML editor and other XML based tools, it would be ideal to have the DTD file. How does one get this file?



IdentityIQ and other derivative products dynamically generate the DTD internally when the application starts up. Because of this, a permanent DTD will not be found. However, the generated DTD can be acquired by running the DTDGenerator:



> $SPHOME/WEB-INF/bin/iiq > sailpoint.dtd



> %SPHOME%\WEB-INF\bin\iiq > sailpoint.dtd


Alternatively, the dtd command can be run from within the IdentityIQ console. The command accepts a file name as a parameter:


$ ./iiq console

> dtd

dtd <filename>

> dtd /var/tmp/sailpoint.dtd

dtd written to "/var/tmp/sailpoint.dtd"



More information

Also, see IdentityIQ Document Type Definition (DTD) information​.

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it helps me with SSD

It has helped me while working with IIQSDA SSD through ecllipse.


thanks !

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