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How to get a SailPointObject by either id or object name

How to get a SailPointObject by either id or object name

In a custom workflow or rule, if you do not know if the return value from a call is the object name or id, then the getObject method from the Resolver interface can help you.


<T extends SailPointObject> T getObject(java.lang.Class<T> cls, java.lang.String idOrName) throws GeneralException

Retrieve an object by id or name.




import sailpoint.object.*;

import sailpoint.api.*;


Identity identity = null;


identity = context.getObject(Identity.class,"2c9089c83e47e6f2013e47e8374a00b1");



Prints "The Administrator"


identity = context.getObject(Identity.class,"spadmin");



also prints "The Administrator"

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How do I can call the object dynamically or by requestor attributes ? Do we have any other way without using the Object name and Object id.

Take a look at the Filters and Filter Strings.pdf white paper.  Read the information about QueryOptions in it -- that is how you specify a lookup based on whatever attribute you have.

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