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How to troubleshoot "Unknown object: Scheduler" error?

How to troubleshoot "Unknown object: Scheduler" error?

If you see the error in task result and that is a workflow being triggered by identity refresh task -



Mostly it is due to one or more of the application provisioning polices having unanswered questions. Because Scheduler is the default launcher for workflow triggered by identity refresh task and it's not really an identity object, you see the error. To find out what exactly the applications are -


Add this to your and reload logging in debug:



Reproduce the issue and look for these lines in SailPoint log:


  1.   <Section label="Your App Name" name="Your App Name"> 
  2.     <Field application="Your App Name" filterString="" name="Question:0:status" priority="10" required="true" reviewRequired="true" template="Enable Account" type="string" value="active"> 
  3.       <AllowedValuesDefinition> 
  4.         <Value> 
  5.           <List> 
  6.             <String>active</String> 
  7.             <String>bypass</String> 
  8.           </List> 
  9.         </Value> 
  10.       </AllowedValuesDefinition> 
  11.       <Attributes> 
  12.         <Map> 
  13.           <entry key="operation" value="Enable"/> 
  14.         </Map> 
  15.       </Attributes> 
  16.     </Field> 
  17.   </Section> 
  18. </Form> 
  19. 2018-04-17 01:23:15,603 TRACE QuartzScheduler_Worker-3 sailpoint.WorkflowTrace:211 - Ending step Build Provisioning Form 
  20. 2018-04-17 01:23:15,609 TRACE QuartzScheduler_Worker-3 sailpoint.WorkflowTrace:211 - Starting step Present Provisioning Form 
  21. 2018-04-17 01:23:15,621 ERROR QuartzScheduler_Worker-3 sailpoint.api.Workflower:4456 - An unexpected error occurred: Unknown object: Scheduler 
  22. Unknown object: Scheduler 

Basically from the errors above, we can tell the app's name and it's the Enable provisioning policy that needs answer for the status attribute.

Update the value of status so there's always a default answer or remove required = "true" and reviewRequired="true" to make the form not to be presented.

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Thanks Clement. Can we not override the owner to spadmin or another Identity at the field or Form level ?

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