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IIQ to SaaS migration considerations

IIQ to SaaS migration considerations

Did you know many of our IdentityIQ customers are migrating to our SaaS solution?  This eliminates the burden of managing the necessary backend infrastructure, patching and upgrades that go along with our IdentityIQ on premise product.

Check out the following video containing helpful recommendations so you can consider the possibilities and determine if and when it makes sense for your organization.

Journey from IdentityIQ to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud
Chapter Topic
1 Start
2 Intro
3 Don't reinvent the wheel
4 Agenda
5 SailPoint Identity Security Cloud
6 Drivers to Cloud
7 The Core of Identity Security
8 The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Advantage
9 Advantage: Continuous Delivery
10 Advantage: Configuration vs Customization
11 Advantage: Multi-Tenant Microservice Architecture
12 Advantage: Active Monitoring & Management
13 IdentityIQ Compared to IdentityNow
14 Certification Example
15 Practical Tips for Starting Your Journey
16 Architecture
17 Releases
18 Security
19 Cost
20 Deployment
21 Leverage Your Investment in IdentityIQ
22 Summary of Benefits
23 Upgrade Assessment Program Overview
24 If you are interested...
25 Download eBook (Upgrade from IdentityIQ)
26 Q: Have to be on the latest version to migrate?
27 Q: Connector scenarios
28 Q: New UI for Access Requests?
29 Q: Assessment decisions to stay on IIQ?
30 Q: Opportunity to test & accept upgrade?
31 Q: Do we have an option to not take a release?
32 Q: Secure communication with IdentiyNow
33 Q: Big feature comparison observation
34 Q: Can customizations be kept?
35 Q: Control over UI customizations?


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