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IdentityIQ certification generation appears to hang

IdentityIQ certification generation appears to hang


While running a certification generation in IdentityIQ, the task appears to hang.



Certification generation may take a significant amount of time to complete, depending on the scope of the certification and the system resources available. There is no readily available trace to report progress on this task. To verify a certification generation is proceeding as expected, inspect the certification artifacts to see if they are updating.



As the certification generation proceeds, it updates the ​spt_certification_entity​ SQL DB. By comparing the number of entries in the table at different times, you can verify the task is progressing.

  1. Open a terminal/command prompt.
  2. Launch the IIQ Console utility.
  3. Run the following SQL Query:
    > sql 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM spt_certification_entity'​
  4. After several minutes, run the same command again.
  5. Compare the results from each execution. If the count has increased, the certification generation is proceeding as expected.

If you confirm your certification generation is hanging, you may be able to pinpoint the cause by partitioning the certification generation.

In the case of Manager Certifications, you can use the available partitioning setting to allow IdentityIQ to partition the certification. If it i any other kind, you must manually separate the process into multiple, smaller certifications.

Partitioning the certification may remediate the issue, or help identify the specific point the hang occurs to assist in further troubleshooting.


Additional steps

You can also use IdentityIQ logging to verify certification generations are progressing as expected. Edit your to include the class ​log4j.logger.sailpoint.api.certification.BaseCertificationBuilder=all

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My query is sometimes user forgot to select filter during certificate launch so job generates more certificates. can you please help me how we can stop in-progress certification job. is there any rule will invoke prior to generate certificate and run only single time.

The two ways that I know of are:

Delete the cert event from the debug page


From the IIQ console use the "cancelCertify" command. Page 23 off the IIQ console guide


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