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Refresh identity cube task fails with "Unable to refresh link" message

Refresh identity cube task fails with "Unable to refresh link" message



IdentityIQ all versions



Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) based application connectors using Structured Query Language (SQL) to retrieve Account and Group Objects.



Timer-12014-05-29 14:56:52,023 ERROR sailpoint.api.Identitizer:5415 - Unable to refresh link: Invalid object name 'account'.

QuartzScheduler_Worker-4sailpoint.connector.ConnectorException: Invalid object name 'account'.

at sailpoint.connector.JDBCConnector.executeStatement(

at sailpoint.connector.JDBCConnector.getObject(

at sailpoint.connector.ConnectorProxy.getObject(


Root cause

The refreshLinks option has been enabled in the Refresh Identity Cubes task and a JDBC application does not have a value set for getObjectSQL. So a default SQL query has been generated using the term 'account'.



Exclude all JDBC applications from Refresh Identity Cubes task.



Construct an SQL query that retrieves all the attributes listed in your JDBC Applications Account Schema tab and append '$(identity)'. For example to retrieve all attributes in a TABLE called PEOPLE where the identity attribute is userId, use the following getObjectSQL for Account objects.


select * from PEOPLE where userId='$(identity)'


Note: That the product (as of identityIQ 5.2) does not implement a call to group.getObjectSQL anywhere except for use in the IIQ connectorDebug command line tool for a targeted “get group” command.

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We are using 7.1 and still facing this issue. Wahts the resolution for this for version 7 and up?



THis is still valid for IIQ 7.1 and up. You need to fix the getObjectSQL statement to return accounts from your database. This article is related to the JDBC connector only.

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