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Set sunset max date for sunrise/sunset access request

Set sunset max date for sunrise/sunset access request

Hello Sailors, 


Somehow we had an use case, which customer wants to have a max date checking for all assigned business roles. For example, we want to control the max duration which requester can assigned a role during Sunrise/Sunset date selection. 

The below feature has been tested on IIQ 8.1p1. 

The below example, we set the End Date Max-Date to be Start Date + 7 Days.



The control of the Sunrise/Sunset dialog is under the javascripts below: 

~/identityiq/ui/js/bundles/SailPointBundle.js, ~/identityiq/ui/js/bundles/SailPointClassicBundle.js

Here are the changes related: 


you can modify the Max Duration under 1000*60*60*24*$Days





After modification, please restart Tomcat. 

To verify if the modification works, we can utilize browser developer tools to check if max-date is set for sunsetDatepicker:



Please also note that since it’s a customization on the core product, we will need to cater it during patch and major release upgrade.


Best regards,



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the details provided. We are using IIQ7.3p3, just keen to know if we can use this ?

We have the exact business need as explained above.

Kindly suggest.



Hello @sjalihal , 

Not sure about this. It depends on the SailPointBundle javascript. Which I have not tested on 7.3p3 before. 

I will need to find time to check on that. (Sorry I am a bit busy recently) 




For those who are interested for the same feature, we have worked on a plugin solutions especially for Access Request Extension which enhance the validation for the sunrise/sunset date per requested role:

  1. Access Request Extension Plugin

If you are interested, feel free to contact via private message via Compass. The official release of the plugin on Compass is in progress. 

@mike818148 I would be interested in taking a look at this plugin. It may help us meet a requirement that was just presented to us. -Cheers.

Hello @jerry_castille ,


I have sent you a private message. Please let me know if you received or not. Thanks.

Our plugin has already certified and publish, please find more informationer here.

Hi Mike,

looks like the download link is not added. Could you please validate the same. I am very interested to check the plugin we have a similar requirement.


Would it be possible to add this to the road map to add this as a global config item?  I could see this being desirable for any IIQ deployment.

Either that or it's own minor plugin.  I am concerned that our SSD processes will break this during deployments.

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