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Split exported objects

Split exported objects

The Sailpoint Standard Services Build Process defines how to prepare a project directory for development. One of the required steps is the export of all customized objects and store them into the config directory of the StdServBuild Project in the config directory. Unfortunately the export command stores one large XML file per ObjectType. They are named: Current<ObjectType>Exported.xml

To better track modifications it is best practice to create a sub directory for each ObjectType within the config directory and split the large file into single object files. To do this manually is cumbersome and error prone. The attached bash script expects you to have zipped the export directory with all created Files into a single zip file. You can name it whatever you want, but the script assumes a default name of


There are to config parameter you have to change on the top of the script.




Change to the config directory of your standard services build project, place the zip file here and start up the script:




It loops over the xml files in the exports directory and creates one directory per File with the name of the ObjectType. Then it uses an xsl version 2 stylesheet to separate the large file into its objects. It can be used by any version 2 xslt processor. That said, xsltproc from the GNOME project, installed by default on a lot of OS will NOT work.

It has been tested with saxonHE available from http://

The parser does need access to the sailpoint.dtd file, therefore it is soft linked into the working directory.



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