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Suppress automatic loading of identity lists

Suppress automatic loading of identity lists

IdentityIQ Version: 7.1+

Beginning in IdentityIQ version 7.1, the identity grids support an option to prevent retrieving the full list of identities without a search term when the page is first loaded. This can be helpful for installations with large numbers of identities, where these pages can be slow to load.


Specifically, this option is available for these UI pages:

  • Identity Warehouse (identity list)
  • Manage User Access quicklink (identity cards)
  • Manage Accounts quicklink (identity cards)
  • Manage Passwords quicklink (identity cards)
  • Edit Identity quicklink (identity cards)
  • View Identity quicklink (identity cards)


Each of these pages has its own configuration entry to control whether the option is enabled for that page. Where this option is enabled, the grids will be blank when the page first loads. A search term must be entered before a list of matching results will be shown.


These are the configuration entry keys to add to the SystemConfiguration Configuration object to enable this behavior for each of these pages:


UI Page SystemConfiguration Entry
Identity Warehouse <entry key="disableInitialIdentitiesGridLoad" value="true"/>
Manage User Access Quicklink <entry key="disableInitialAccessRequestGridLoad" value="true"/>
Manage Accounts Quicklink <entry key="disableInitialManageAccountsGridLoad" value="true"/>
Manage Passwords Quicklink <entry key="disableInitialManagePasswordsGridLoad" value="true"/>
Edit Identity Quicklink <entry key="disableInitialManageAttributesGridLoad" value="true"/>
View Identity Quicklink <entry key="disableInitialViewIdentityGridLoad" value="true"/>


NOTE: This feature works with the Search bar on these pages, not with the Filter options on the quicklink pages. You can still filter the displayed set of identities once you have entered a search criterion that returns identities, but you cannot use a filter to define the criteria for the full set of identities to load on the page.


Seems like very useful. How many identities are considered as large number? In other words, for approximately how many identities do you recommend to use this feature?

We noticed a big jump in delay when we went from about 600k to about double that at 1.2 Million.

I see. Have you tried this solution?

Hey Tonmay,

We currently have this in our test environment, it works as expected and has improved user experience by removing that wait/delay in load time.

excellent, thanks

Thoughtful feature for large installations. Thanks to Jennifer, as always!

Is there a way to suppress auto loading of identities from the OOTB QuickLink Choose Identities form?

PopulationRequestAuthority attribute in DynamicScope defines the target identities, but we don't want to preload those identities for people to choose from. In other words, searching identities is a more desirable behavior we are looking for.

Do we have to build a custom form?

Please advise.



Very nice insight Jennifer.

One small question can we supress this option also on reports where there is an Identity filter?

Rohit, I think you are talking about something slightly different - this is about grids, or tables of data that are displayed on a page.  What you are asking about, I think, is drop-down listboxes of identities -- also known as identity selectors.   I don't think those do a full load of all applicable identities up front; I think they paginate by default.  But regardless, no, there is not a setting like this related to those.  For more information on identity selectors, see Customizing Identity Select Lists​ - it's an older article so the screen shots are from a very old version of IdentityIQ, but the content is relevant to all versions.

Thanks Jennifer. I understand now... will have a look at the link you shared. Thanks again. :smileyhappy:

@jue_jin , for custom quiclinks this can be achieved by adding <entry key="disableInitialChooseIdentitiesGridLoad" value="true"/> to the SystemConfiguration Configuration object.

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