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Test connection for all applications via IIQ Console

Test connection for all applications via IIQ Console

There are many troubleshooting scenarios where an administrator will need to verify that the IdentityIQ application is able to communicate to remote applications. Traditionally, this test has been performed via the 'Test Connection' button within the Application Definition UI.



When an environment contains a great many applications and there is a concern that one or more may not be responsive, the UI Test Connection mechanism can be an onerous trial-and-error process. Fortunately, the IIQ Console provides an analogous mechanism that accepts this syntax:


> conn [application name] test


In order to perform a comprehensive survey of all configured applications' responsiveness, you can use the following syntax to run a global Test Connection:


# echo 'search application name' | ./iiq console| sed 's/^> //g' | grep -v "^$" | sed 's/^/conn "/' |sed 's/$/" test/'|./iiq console


The results will not be labelled, but you can run the first command 'search application name' within IIQ Console to see the mapping of results to application names.




Do you have a windows version of this command?

Similar scripting should be available in a powershell environment, but I don't have any experience with windows and wouldn't be able to provide guidance on that.

In the above example, the process is:

1. "search application name" command inside iiq console

2. Take the resulting list returned in step 1 and strip out ">" returned in the list.

3. On each line, insert "conn" at the beginning and "test at the end. Resulting line looks like:

conn HR_Employees test

4. Feed the list back to iiq console

This is very helpful! How to you put these results into a file so that we can validate them?


This would be the same script for Powershell, to be run on Windows:

'search application name' | .\iiq.bat console | foreach-object {$_ -replace "^> ",''} | foreach-object {$_ -replace "^$",''} | foreach-object {$_ -replace "^",'conn "'} | foreach-object {$_ -replace "$",'" test'} | .\iiq.bat console


Just notice that this will only work if the spadmin password has not been changed, otherwise you will be prompted for credentials when launching the iiq.bat console. If anyone knows how to account for that in the script that would be awesome

Page 369 for the IdentityIQ Administration Guide has information about the IdentityIQ Console and how to authenticate:

"By default, the console tries to authenticate with the default user/password admin/admin. If authentication
fails, you are prompted for a user name and password. Specify the user name and password on the command

For example:
iiq console -u amy.cox -p IdentityIQ

the console prompts for user input if either the user or password are omitted"


Where amy.cox is the username, and IdentityIQ is the password.

Useful article - thank you.

I've refined it slightly to print out the connector being tested and to ignore the iiq console connection message, as well as any other connectors, you want to exclude from the test:

echo 'search application name' | ./iiq console | grep -v -E "Setting|excludeApp1|excludeApp2" | sed 's/^> //g' | grep -v "^$" | sed 's/.*/echo "&"\nconn "&" test/' | ./iiq console

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