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Use log4jAdmin.jsp to control log4j logging levels

Use log4jAdmin.jsp to control log4j logging levels

While it's possible to edit to change log levels for IdentityIQ, there is another way to control log levels using log4j without having to know all the available classes within IdentityIQ.


There is a utility called log4jAdmin which is a single JSP page that you can load into your web application.


The file is available here: log4jAdmin.jsp - javatoolsforweblogic - Pierre's tools for Java and Weblogic - Google Project Hostin...


Drop the log4Admin.dsp file into your application. I put mine at the root of my /identityiq path in my installation.


Once you do this, the URL to use this tool will be http://<host or IP>:port/identityiq/log4jAdmin.jsp


Going to this URL will present you with a way to change logging levels for everything within IdentityIQ.


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Thanks Chris Hajdu . Very useful. If anyone is getting exception while trying to access log4jAdmin.jsp page from ui, include <%@ page import="java.util.*"%> at the top of the log4jAdmin.jsp file and try.

Great stuff!

Thank you very much.



Hi chris.hajdu, The only problem with this utility is the values from the file always overwrites the value configured via log4jAdmin.jsp post a server restart.



That's true. This is really most useful as a live dynamic log4j configurator when bouncing the application server may not be an option, or you want to control logging changes without reloading the file via our debug page.

A colleague and i were trying to find the log4jAdmin.jsp file referenced in this article, however we both noticed that it does not exist when downloading artifacts and from the referenced link.


Meanwhile you can get it here.

This log4j administration is non version specific? In IIQ 8.4 also, it works? Please let me know.

My Bad Sorry. Didnt checked the Developer Portal for the updated info. Thank you all!

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