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How to extend expiry date of an access profile in IdentityNow

How to extend expiry date of an access profile in IdentityNow

1) Login to SailPoint Identity Now.

2) Click on Home tab-> click on My Access.

3) Go to access profiles tab and click on edit access profile where you want to extend expiration date.

4) A request page opens upon clicking on edit. Set new expiration date and reason in the 'Add Comments' section and click on submit.

5) The request goes to an approval workflow and post completion of approval workflow new expiration date for an access profile will be set.


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What if you need to do this in bulk?  Say a user requested access for 200 users to a single access profile 10 months ago and added a sunset date in error, now wants all 200 user's access extended before they start getting warnings of access expiring but refuses to go into the UI and make the 200 requests for extension themselves?  

Is there now an API endpoint to update an access profile enddate for the user?  I am not aware of one.  What I've done in the past from the API is a revoke request followed by an add request for all the users, but the downside of that is all the noise associated with email notifications of these actions.

Hi @Dushyant1989 ,

I have an admin rights still I don't see edit option for Access Profile to change the expiration date. Can you please help me with it.

Hi @maheshtare,

Only user will see the option to edit expiration date and not admin. Please ask user to follow steps mentioned in my article.

Thank you.


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