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IdentityNow REST APIs

IdentityNow REST APIs

The APIs listed here are outdated, and SailPoint no longer actively maintains them. Refer to for SailPoint API documentation.

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Although that site has improved over time I have not seen it to be a full comprehensive listing of nearly all the different host and endpoint calls of IDN's various APIs.

@denvercape1  and @chris 


This is excellent! Thank you both.

You can also use the developer tools from your browser to see what IdentityNow is doing when performing certain actions from the UI. Helps a lot to figure out which API calls to use.

I agree that the new API portal is really lacking. The legacy and V2 methods were omitted. Although its prettier and loads faster.   

I'd love to see everything included and notes and links next to any that have been superseded. If SP wants to discourage deprecated calls but they haven't been superseded, list them but with a warning/suggestion people contact support before using. 

Great input and suggestions @denvercape1. Much thanks.

@dernc Also the SailPoint team has been working on this (see url) which looks to be going in the direction the community is wanting to see as far as API documentation goes:

Any API available to read the Syslogs, audit log from IdentityNow. As I need to integrate with SIEM tool to read the logs from IdentityNow. I have checked in API document but not getting it.

Most of the API's names are changed in version SailPoint - SaaS API (3.0.0) and SailPoint - Beta SaaS API (3.1.0-beta). 

Version 1 (Private) and Version 2 API's are still in use or only we have to strict with V3 and Beta?

Link for the "Create Identity" is dead: "The article you are trying to access is permanently deleted."...

I am amazed to see people complaining about the API doc for years and little seems to have change

@pbaudoux great catch! You will now find all of the API specifications on, specifically:

You should notice quite an improvement on the specifications there! Should you noticed that anything that isn't working as intended in the specifications, you can talk to us directly to my team in the Developer Community Forum and we'll take action on it immediately. If you're looking for a net new feature, we can work with product management on the idea.

Just a recap:

  • Link to latest API specs. These will always be up-to-date directly from engineering.
  • Link to the Developer Community forum to let us know about any issues with the specs.
  • If you feel inclined to do so, you can also report a bug in the specs directly at the bottom of each endpoint, just click the link that says 'Something Wrong?...'

Let me know if you're interested in talking, if you'd like to share anything more--I'd be happy to setup some time together!

Is there a documentation that still has v2 API list in it. 


Hi Ayesha,


We no longer document and support the V2 APIs for IdentityNow. With that said, we do still have a public OpenAPI specification for them should someone still wish to attempt to use them:


Please note that these APIs are unsupported for public use and direct calling, and are not supported by SailPoint. While there is no support from the business, we do have some developers that still work with them. Feel free to discuss with other developers on V2 APIs here:

Hi Jordan

well, if you drop V2-APIs then there should be a corresponding V3-API for what has been dropped. I am currently refactoring a rather large piece of Code from V2 to V3 and I cannot complete it (at least not easily) because of the lacking V2-Documentation. The yml provided above seems to be incomplete. I.e. its missing transform and user-related Calls.

Hey Florian,

Understandable that it can be hard if you don't have a map of the existing information. Unfortunately the response objects for the V2 Transforms API don't seem to have been documented publicly. At least, not that I've been able to find historically, internally or externally.

You can read all about the non-public API deprecations here:

My team and I would be happy to help you out in your transition from V2 to V3. The announcement link above should give you everything you need to get started with us. We're looking forward to helping you out over there!

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