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IdentityNow Transforms - Lower

IdentityNow Transforms - Lower

The transform documentation listed here is outdated and is nonger actively maintained. Please refer to for IdentityNow Transform documentation.

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@hari_patel  I am getting error  "Required field \"attributes\" was missing or empty", if we try to create transform without attributes, I want to provide input directly from UI. 

@sbhingare I'm not sure I understand your use case here. If you want just a simple "toLower()" transform, that is already available out-of-the-box. It's the "ToLower" option from your Transform dropdown in the identity profile mappings UI.

If you're attempting to transform an attribute to lower case after executing some other operation(s) on it, then those nested transforms would flow up through the "input" parameter of your attributes map:

  "attributes": {
    "input": {
      "attributes": {
        "table": {
          "[.]": "-"
    "type": "replaceAll"
  "type": "lower",
  "name": "Test Lower Transform"


In the above example, if the attribute selected in the UI would automatically get passed into the "replaceAll" transform, which would replace any periods with hyphens, and then the outer "lower" transform would convert the string into all lowercase letters. so, something like "Smith.Jones" would render as "smith-jones" when passed through this complex transform.

Thanks @hari_patel,  I didn't know that ToLower is already available OOTB. I was trying to create similar transform.   

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