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IdentityNow Transforms - Name Normalizer

IdentityNow Transforms - Name Normalizer

The transform documentation listed here is outdated and is nonger actively maintained. Please refer to for IdentityNow Transform documentation.

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Can this transform automatically remove accent marks (i.e. Colón = Colon)?

Also, I tested this transform and it seemed to work for many of my uses cases but one of my user's last name had changed when it shouldn't have been (i.e. Macasek = MacAsek)  I understand the transform saw the 'Mac' and performed it's predetermined action but is there a way to edit either the transform itself or write in an exception for an individual?

Did you find a way in transforms to convert accent characters ?

Had he same problem as @colonm

For the Surname "Mace" it was transformed to "MacE", also Machado became "MacHado"

My use case was to fix names that were provided from source as all uppercase

Also, not sure about Surnames like "De Jesus", the transform changed it to  "de Jesus"

I can see how it might be difficult to have a perfect solution for Name Normalizer 

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