IdentityNow Transforms - UUID Generator

IdentityNow Transforms - UUID Generator


The UUID generator is a simple transform allows you to create a universal unique id (UUID) in the form of a 36-character string. The underlying code is written in such a way as to provide a 1 in 68,719,476,736 chance of creating a string that actually collides with another string within the tenant. However, please note that this transform does not do any explicit uniqueness checking of the generated UUID.

Other Considerations

  • There is no uniqueness checking built into this transform. It is written to provide a very low likelihood of generating the same UUID more than once, but no guarantees are provided.


Transform Structure

The UUID generator transform requires only the standard type and name attributes required by all transforms.


  "type": "uuid",
  "name": "Test UUID Generator Transform"


  • Required Attributes

    • type - This must always be set to uuid
    • name - This is a required attribute for all transforms, and represents the name of the transform as it will appear in the UI's dropdowns
  • Optional Attributes

    • requiresPeriodicRefresh - A true or false value that indicates whether the transform logic should be re-evaluated every evening as part of the identity refresh process.



Example 1

Output: "f7493c55-f3fc-491a-b352-4664d71f885b"

  "type": "uuid",
  "name": "Test UUID Generator Transform"



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