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IdentityNow project kickoff guide

IdentityNow project kickoff guide


Project planning and requirements definition

In order to achieve a successful implementation, your team should understand the commitment required to deliver the full benefits of IdentityNow. A project kickoff meeting will be hosted by your Engagement Manager to discuss the deliverables, timeline, roles, and responsibilities for the project. The Application owner questionnaire is posted on Compass and should be completed prior to the kickoff meeting so the project team will have a high-level understanding of the project requirements. Once the engagement is kicked off, your team and SailPoint will agree upon a mutual project plan which allows for timely delivery of all implementation services.


1. Prepare your team

SailPoint will ask your team to prepare for the Kickoff Meeting by reviewing the current documentation and training. The following steps will equip your team with the needed info:

  • Encourage your entire  team to self-register for the SailPoint Community - Compass. This features a rich set of online documentation and best practices for IdentityNow, as well as regular product release updates, company news, and even discussion forums with our vibrant customer and partner community. Click Login | Compass​ to begin.
  • Fully review the IdentityNow questionnaire to prepare for the Professional Service engagement to start: Application owner questionnaire
  • Familiarize your team with Getting started for IdentityNow administrators: ​Getting started for IdentityNow administrators


2. Analyze staffing requirements

One of the critical success factors in any SailPoint IdentityNow deployment is the early establishment of an implementation team with the appropriate skills and experience. Following are profiles of key actors needed to ensure success within the engagement:

  • Business Lead:

    • Description:  Understands the business process, has executive direction, and can make critical IAM decisions.

    • Time Commitment: Typically 10-30% of the project time. Your needs may vary, based on your project readiness.

  • Technical Lead :

    • Description:  Has broad experience with various technical subject matters as well as skills in the areas of infrastructure design, requirements and gap analysis, and preferably prior implementation experience.

    • Time Commitment: Typically 25-50% of the project time. Your needs may vary.

  • Project Manager:

    • Description: Aligns resources, ensures issue resolution on the client side, and acts as the primary escalation point.

    • Time Commitment: Typically 10-30% of the project time. Your needs may vary.

  • User Acceptance Testers:

    • Description: Personnel who will be testing the cloud deployment to make sure that the project implementation meets business requirements.

    • Time Commitment: Typically 50-100% of the project UAT time period. Your needs may vary.

  • Source/Application Administrator:

    • Description: Provides subject matter expertise for connectivity to target systems.

    • Time Commitment: As needed basis. Typically 1-2 hours per source. Your needs may vary.


3.  Plan your infrastructure

There are two key components to planning:

  • Virtual Appliance infrastructure - IdentityNow solution requires a key piece of infrastructure called the Virtual Appliance in order to connect to your cloud environments (Sandbox and Production) and sources. Begin procurement of infrastructure required for the Virtual Appliance listed in this document. SailPoint recommends having at least one Virtual Appliance for the Sandbox Environment and at least two for the Production Environment. Having these available for the Kickoff Meeting will save time: SailPoint Virtual Appliances
  • A single, shared admin email address - This would be a group/distribution list that serves as a contact point for the generic user account for your default IdentityNow Administrator. A good example of a shared email alias would be ‘’. This email address should not be a single user email address. If you would like to text password changes associated with the shared admin account, all we will need is one mobile phone number to associate with the shared account; note that this is not a requirement. Your team will be able to create additional Admin accounts after this initial account is created. Please be prepared to provide the shared admin email address and mobile phone number at the Kickoff Meeting.


4. Next steps

Your journey with Services will continue with the Kickoff Meeting with your assigned Engagement Manager. During this large scale meeting, your team will review the project objectives, discuss the architecture slides including the Virtual Appliance, and confirm details for environment creation. Your Engagement Manager will be the main point of contact throughout the Services project.


Frequently asked questions

Can you provide a project plan in advance of the Kickoff Meeting?

Project Plans vary greatly dependent on the products purchased, therefore a custom project plan will be delivered to you after the Kickoff Meeting.


How long do projects normally take?

As a general rule, Password Management and SSO projects are delivered within a three month period. Other projects vary based on complexity.


What is included in the Kickoff agenda?

The typical IdentityNow Kickoff agenda looks like this....

  • Introductions
  • Project Goals
  • Project Overview
  • Logistics / Key dates
  • Review IDN Architecture
  • Review Client Requirements
  • Questions
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At a high level, (and given that this article is now 4 years old) do y'all now have a basic / generic project plan that implementation teams can review pre-kickoff and make some assessments of what would need to be modified for respective environments?  Based on product(s) purchased, of course.

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