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SailPoint IDN Workflow to perform a few operations (enable, disable, modify)

SailPoint IDN Workflow to perform a few operations (enable, disable, modify)


SailPoint IDN ServiceNow service desk connector provides the capability to create SNOW tickets for any integrated source(flat-file, JDBC) but the issue is that if we want to create snow ticket only for CREATE operation and perform disable, enable, add/remove role operation using direct (eg — JDBC) connector then we can’t achieve it if we use the “Service Now service desk configuration”





We can solve the above issue by leveraging the SailPoint IDN workflow feature. Let’s take an example of a JDBC source where we want to create SNOW request on the “CREATE” operation and for other operations use direct JDBC generic connector

Build a workflow that will only trigger on Create Operation Request

(Please check the below blog to see flowchart of the workflow )



Build Provisioning rule for JDBC source


// leave it blank

} else if(Modify){

Add logic for Add/ remove role or update attribute}

} else if(Enable){

add logic for Enable source

} else if( disable){

Add logic for disable operation



Hope IDN implementers will get help to design the solutions with above problem statement.


@IAMpdu , Hi, How variables are being passed in the request body to service now? I am trying to create ticket in Identity attribute change scenario

Hello @YIOA , you need to pass it to the JSON body of HTTP action.

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