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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

IdentityNow Professional - Exam Review webinars

Thanks to all who attended the 3 IdentityNow Professional Exam Review webinars recently hosted as part of the 2024 SailPoint Certififcation Challenge!

If you weren't able to attend or would like to re-watch, you can find recordings of the sessions here along with review links to documentation supporting each question - and also some bonus links!

And there's still time to catch next week's presentation "I got certified, now what?" that my colleague @dania_mourtada will be hosting next Thursday, 9-May at 10am Central US time, along with a chance for a free pass to Navigate 2024. If you haven't done so already, here's a direct link to register for the session!

If you have questions about anything in the sessions or certification in general, please post them here. Cheers!

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Crew II

Hello Paul, I watched your recorded webinars and they are helpful for gauging my knowledge on IdentityNow. What I was hoping for in these Webinars is more of a breakdown in regards to the sub points of the sections within the exam study guide.

There is not really any where I can go to compare my notes and make sure what I have wrote down is correct for my understanding to these sub points. 

Example: 2.01 Identify the processes in the Identity data flow - Does this relate to account and entitlement aggregations/ Identity Profile Mapping or is it more higher level like event based, scheduled and manual processes?

Example: 5.03 Describe the configuration of account profiles - Does this relate to the Create Account Profile definition or just how accounts are created within IDN?

Hopefully this makes sense in how this can become confusing for me and maybe others.

Thank you,


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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

@Lawtonb Benjamin, thank you for watching the series and for asking. Really good question - unfortunately there aren't any other SailPoint resources that go further into depth regarding the exam questions.

Since the IdentityNow Professional Study Guide is the authoritative source for the exam structure, I'd recommend being able to answer questions from both of the perspectives you mentioned for 2.01 and 5.03 - going wider in scope, in case the questions get asked at either level. And similarly with the other objectives in the guide.

And if you run into an area where you need clarification on whether or not something is correct, you can always ask in the SailPoint Certified Professionals User Group.