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Any Ryzen 9 laptop users here? How is the battery life when running SailPoint for extended periods?

Hello fellow SailPoint enthusiasts!


I've recently made the switch to a Ryzen 9 laptop for my SailPoint-related tasks, and I'm curious to know how it's performing in terms of battery life during extended usage. As we all know, SailPoint can be quite resource-intensive, and battery life can be a critical factor when you're on the go.


So, if you're using a Ryzen 9 laptop with SailPoint and have been putting it through its paces for extended periods, I'd love to hear about your experiences. Here are a few questions to guide our discussion:


What brand and model of Ryzen 9 laptop are you using for SailPoint tasks?

How does the battery life hold up when running SailPoint for extended periods (e.g., during identity governance processes or development work)?

Have you made any specific tweaks or optimizations to extend your laptop's battery life while using SailPoint?

Are there any particular scenarios or SailPoint tasks that seem to drain the battery more quickly?

Any recommendations for fellow Ryzen 9 laptop users on how to maximize battery life without compromising SailPoint performance?

Please feel free to share your insights, tips, and any challenges you've faced. Your experiences can be valuable for others in the community who are considering or currently using Ryzen 9 laptops for their SailPoint work.


Let's discuss and help each other make the most of our Ryzen 9 laptops in SailPoint environments!

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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

Hello Melissa

Which version of Sailpoint are you using? 

Best regards Clive


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