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Compatibility Issues with SailPoint Software After Update on 8GB RAM Laptop

Greetings fellow forum members,


I'm currently facing compatibility issues with SailPoint software on my laptop after a recent update, and I'm seeking advice and assistance from the community to resolve this problem. Specifically, after the update, my 8GB RAM laptop seems to be experiencing difficulties running SailPoint software smoothly. I would greatly appreciate any insights or suggestions from those who may have encountered similar issues.

Here are some details regarding my laptop setup:



Operating System: Window 10

The compatibility issues with SailPoint software on my laptop became apparent after the recent update. The software now exhibits sluggish performance and occasional freezes, hindering my productivity and impacting my work. I'm unable to use the software as effectively as I used to before the update.

Checked system requirements: I have verified that my laptop meets the minimum system requirements for running SailPoint software. Based on the specifications, my laptop should be capable of running the software smoothly.

If there are any specific updates, patches, or troubleshooting steps that I may have overlooked, please share them. Any assistance in resolving these compatibility issues and ensuring smooth operation of SailPoint software would be highly appreciated.


Thank you all in advance for your support and expertise!


Best regards,

Jessica Shepherd

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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

Hello Jessica. Are you talking about IdentityIQ. If so have you check our Support Platforms matrix at ? 


Bes regards Clive

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