Compass changes made from 25 June 2019 - 16 January 2020

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  • Default search scope at the top of each page was changed from "the area you're in" to "the entire community".
  • Introduced Idea process for product enhancement ideas. 
  • Added several search synonyms: e.g. searching for "IIQ" searches for IIQ & IdentityIQ.
  • Added other partner types to the automation for self-registration.
  • Improved logic to match the email domain of registering users to known domains in our customer database.
  • If you do not have Elevated Access, clicking on "Org Tickets" in Review Requests shows a message explaining this and how to request it. 
  • The support case interface now shows attached file names.
  • Front page now greets you by your first name, not your username.
  • Forum posts require at least one label, to help with categorization and search.
  • User feedback survey screen widened so content formats better without line breaks.
  • Post to help users find File Access Manager forum posts.
  • SailPoint employee users now have a small SailPoint logo beside their name.