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Community Manager
Community Manager

Visit the SaaS Platform landing page to access the IdentityNow, AI Services (formerly IdentityAI) and Cloud Governance product guides and the SaaS Updates blog.

We've left these options in the menu, under the SaaS Platform landing page, to help users transition to the new page. 



You can read a detailed breakdown about the changes in this Community Announcement post. Please update your bookmarks and subscriptions as needed. 

A quick note about the updates - during the process the team moved content from one blog to another. You may have received several notifications from the community for the posts that were migrated. The team is aware of this issue and we apologize for the inconvenience! We are researching ways to improve this process so that unnecessary notifications don't go out to subscribed users.  

If you have any concerns or questions please reach out to the team at

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Community Manager
Community Manager

IdentityNow, IdentityAI and Cloud Governance landing pages are being replaced with one SaaS Platform landing page for all SaaS products. 

On Tuesday, November 17, we are launching a single landing page experience for our SaaS solutions and blog. These changes will make it easier to find guides based on the SaaS capability that you are implementing.

Community members should still go to the IdentityNow wiki and IdentityNow forum for SaaS community support.

Make sure you review and update your bookmarks and subscriptions after the launch of the new page! 


Current State - 



Future State - IdentityNow, AI Services and Cloud Governance links in the menu will redirect to the new SaaS Platform landing page.

SaaS Platform menu.png


Preview of the new SaaS Platform landing page - 


Please note that we are also migrating the content from the blogs listed below to the SaaS Updates blog. The old blogs will be removed.  


If you have any questions or feedback about this update you can reach out to the team at

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Community Manager
Community Manager

View the new Connectivity Updates blog in Compass! Visit Connectivity Updates and click on the Options menu to Subscribe


The blog link can also be found on the Connector Directory landing page. 

Connectivity Updates 002.png


All past posts with the "Connectivity Updates" label were migrated to the new blog. If you follow IdentityNow Updates, you can read more about the change here.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Update: This issue is resolved. PDF attachment previews are working again. If you are still encountering an error, please reach out to us at


Original post below: 

Users have reported an issue with previewing attached PDFs on posts. When you click the PDF to view it, this screen appears - 



We are currently researching this issue. The team will update this blog post once the error has been resolved. As a workaround, you can download the PDF to view on your device. 

If you have any questions or would like to report an issue, please contact us at Thank you! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Update: This issue is resolved. Users should be receiving emails from the community again. If you are still encountering errors, please reach out to us at

Users have reported an issue with emails not being sent from the Community.

This impacts:

  • All users who normally receive emails from Compass
  • Users who are trying to register, but don't receive their verification email
  • Users who initiate the forgotten username and password flow
  • Those who are subscribed to threads and boards to receive updates via email
  • It may also affect private message alerts, if you've enabled those to push to your inbox


We are working with our community vendor to resolve the issue and will update this blog entry as soon as the problem is fixed.


We apologize for the inconvenience. We know how critical Compass emails may be to your workflow. Please reach out to us at so we can assist as much as we can in the interim. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

We have made some changes to the Training section of the community. You can now find all training materials under the Identity University menu. 

Click on Identity University from the main menu for a quick overview of what courses are offered, and to learn how to register for a university account. Please note that users are required to have a Compass account before registering for an Identity University Account. 
Identity University Menu.png


Select the Certification Program from the submenu to learn more about the SailPoint Certified Identity Professional Program. 

Certification Program.png

Update your subscriptions and bookmarks to the new Identity University Blog, which covers news and announcements related to training, e-learning and the certification program. 

Identity University Blog.png


Update your subscriptions and bookmarks to the new Identity University knowledge bases! These knowledge bases were created so that some of the documentation could be easily linked to and viewed without having to register for Compass. 

Private, requires Compass account to viewIdentity University Documents 

Public, does not require Compass account to viewIdentity University Training Resources

Identity University knowledge bases.png


If you have any questions or feedback about these updates please reach out to the Community Team at

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Community Manager
Community Manager

We published a significant update to the home page today! Get all of the details on what was updated in the previous announcement.  We also updated the Events page, to include a section for Upcoming Events and an Events Archive.


Upcoming Events has posts categorized by region, to make it easier for you to see relevant registration information. 



The Events Archive categorizes events by type. You can select the series that interests you and browse through past recordings. 



Tip: You can subscribe to a series and be notified about upcoming events and webinars by visiting the page and clicking Options > Subscribe.

Example -

Click on Office Hours in the Events Archive. 


Click Options to expand the menu and then click Subscribe. 



Have questions or feedback regarding this update? Please reach out to the team at

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Community Manager
Community Manager

The Compass Team is redesigning the Home Page to highlight the most recent and the most popular information from the community. Please note that the screenshots is this blog post are for informational purposes only and may differ slightly from the final design.


The new home page will include a list of Recent Topics from the forums, as well as quick links for Support, Expert Services, Identity University and Developer documents.







There will also be an Events feed that pulls in posts from the User Group Events and webinar blogs, and a new component, Latest News, that will feature the latest updates from the Community Announcements blog.




Along the bottom of the page, users will be able to read the most popular articles from the product knowledge bases. 



The home page changes are planned to take place soon, so keep an eye out for those updates! If you have any questions or feedback once the updates are live, please write us at

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Search update: You can now filter your search results by labels. 

Search Labels-01.png


Find relevant articles and posts by clicking on Labels to constrain your results. You can select more than one label. 



To remove a filter, just click on the x next to the filter you wish to remove. 



Please note that this filter only works for labels, not tags. This enhancement will make it easier for you to filter results to the types of topics that you are searching for. The Compass Team will continue to bring more search improvements to the community to make it easier for users to find the information that matters most! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Update: This issue has been resolved. 

Several users are reporting an issue where they are seeing someone else's username and profile picture on the home page. 

home page username error.png

We have reported this issue with the vendor for resolution. This only affects the home page display. Profile information is not affected by this error. 


If you encounter any other issues with your Compass account, please reach out at

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Visit the new Connector DirectoryWe've made some modifications to the way you view available connectors.


We've consolidated the following menu items into one space in Compass: 

Products > IdentityIQ > Connectors

Products > IdentityNow > Connectors

Products > Common Connectors


All connectors can now be found under Products > Connectors. The new page has filtering options based on support, and logo identifiers to indicate if the connector is for IdentityIQ, IdentityNow, or both. The levels of support are: 

SailPoint Delivered Connectors

Community Implemented Connectors

Custom Connectors 


Please note that when clicking on any of the links from Community Implemented Connectors or Custom Connectors you will be redirected to the vendor's website. 


You can still find specific connectors based on product under the Quick Links side menu and access the tables that previously were on the connector landing pages. You can also search the knowledge base that powers the Connector Directory directly. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

We are making improvements on guiding users to relevant documentation by phasing out links to open knowledge bases and adding targeted information to the landing pages. 

Before, the Product menu had links to the updates blog and open knowledge bases with no way to understand which documents were the most relevant or important. 

IdentityIQ Updates (1).png

Now there is one central location that will make it easier for you to discover your next steps. Click on IdentityIQ from the Product menu to see the updated landing page. 


Before, the IdentityIQ landing page had one link to all documents: Technical White Papers, Product Manuals, and Other Documentation.

IdentityIQ Updates (2).png

Now the IdentityIQ landing page has three links to a document in each section that will help guide users to important information. We have also made a slight UI change to the side bar menu. 

IdentityIQ Landing Page after.png


These changes are designed to simplify the menu and guide users to important documentation. Knowledge bases are still accessible by navigating through the breadcrumb trail on any article that you are reading. 

Send us your comments and questions. We always read the information that is submitted through the community surveys, and through feedback sent to

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Community Manager
Community Manager

There is a new group that you can join if you want to connect with other IdentityIQ File Access Manager customers. This new section can be used just like a forum. Post comments, ask questions and reply to topics. Start today by joining and subscribing to the File Access Manager Group.



We've simplified the Compass menu for File Access Manager. Find everything you need by clicking on the IdentityIQ File Access Manager link from the Products menu to see the landing page. Click on Downloads, Documents or Blog or view the How to Get Help resources. 



We are streamlining the File Access Manager landing page. The File Access Manager is a work in progress, but we are phasing in new visual elements to make it easier to find relevant content and resources. 



UI update to the File Access Manager download page. We made a small change to the download page that makes it easier to see the most recent versions available for download. You can still click on the downloads archive to search for a specific version. 



If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Compass Team at

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Update: This issue is resolved. 

The Private Messenger feature is currently down. Users are unable to view, send, or receive messages in the community at this time. We are working to resolve this issue.

I will update this announcement once the problem is fixed.

If you encounter any problems with the community, please reach out to us at


Rose Cobb

Community Manager

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Today we made a few minor changes to the Products menu. If you are looking for IdentityIQ server software, Accelerator Pack, AWS Governance or SAP Governance, you can find them under Products > IdentityIQ. 

Previous structure - 

Product Menu downloads before.png

Current structure - 

Product Menu downloads after.png


Please note that the downloads that are visible to you are based on your relationship with SailPoint. If you are a Customer or Partner and should have access to one of these sections but it is not visible in the menu, please email us at so we can review and correct your community profile. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

The New to SailPoint page contains resources curated by Customer Success Managers and Technical Writers. The list contains guides, best practices and suggestions to help you succeed. 

The page is located under the Discuss menu in the Getting Started section. 

It is broken into three categories: All Customers, IdentityIQ Customers and SaaS (IdentityNow) Customers. 


If you have any feedback about the new page, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or you can leave comments in the survey that may appear during your visit! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Read this article to learn more about some of the recent changes to the community structure. Find out where presentations from past Navigate conferences are, how to get Compass help, and more. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

There has been a small user interface change in Compass that makes the breadcrumb trail (the navigational aid that shows on the top of every page) more noticeable. Before the change, the light blue text on a white background was often overlooked, which made it difficult for users to ensure that the page they were looking at was relevant to their product. 


Now the breadcrumb is a dark blue text on a gray background, which makes it more noticeable on the page that you are viewing. 



Have more feedback about the community user interface? Please don't forget to fill out the community survey when it pops up, or send a message to

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Visit the Group Directory to browse open and closed groups. 

Groups are a way to connect with other community members who have the same interests, work in similar industries, or are located in a certain parts of the world. Groups can foster discussions that go beyond technical troubleshooting. 

Please note that you can immediately join any open group, but you will need to request to join a closed group. Approval on closed group membership is dependent on the Group Owner. 


If you have any questions or would like to share an idea for a new group, please email us at

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Community Manager
Community Manager

SailPoint is offering the Remote Access Extension for free to our customers during the COVID-19 crisis as many organizations have expressed a need to quickly provision access to work remotely to teams that previously did not work remotely. 

Learn more about this plugin on the Professional Services Extension page! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Your comments are important! The changes listed below were made based off of user feedback. Please continue to leave your comments through the survey when prompted, or send us a message at


  • New Webinars Landing Page - Before, all webinars were lumped into one blog with labels to serve as categories for the types of webinars. Now, users are presented with webinar subjects and can easily select the type they want to view.


  • Ticketing Split from the Community - Before, users has to view tickets in Compass. Now, users have the full functionality and features that our ticketing platform has to offer now that it is no longer part of Compass. To learn more about the new Support Portal, check out this tutorial in Compass.


  • Gamification: New Badges Added - There are more badges to earn in Compass! View the list of earned and possible badges by going to your Profile and selecting View All Badges.


  • Exact Search - The "Exact Search" feature is working in Compass! Use quotes around a term to search for an "exact phrase." If you are finding that your results still appear to be off, please send the phrase that you searched for to, along with the result that you expect to appear.


  • Box no longer hosts Product Downloads - Users can now download their product directly from the community. 

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SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has affected every one of us. The sudden shift from business as usual to this new normal has been jarring, to say the least. It’s also introduced a whole new level of ‘noise’ (emails, so many emails) and we’re doing our best not to contribute to that but to be thoughtful in when and how we reach out to each of you.

Our biggest priority during this time of uncertainty is on the well-being of our families, team members, customers, partners, and all of the members of the SailPoint community.  As this very dynamic situation evolves, we are doing what we can to anticipate your needs as you deal with the unforeseen business challenges you’re each now facing.  We've established an ever-growing set of resources and programs under the Featured Links section of the Community Announcements Blog to help you stay educated and connected and have also expanded our support and working hours to ensure that when you need us, we're here. 

This is indeed an unprecedented time and our heart goes out to all affected by this outbreak. At SailPoint we're committed to supporting you and your business today and for years to come.  

I wish you and yours stay safe and healthy during these times. 

Meredith Blanchar

SVP, Customer Success Management

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Not applicable

  • Default search scope at the top of each page was changed from "the area you're in" to "the entire community".
  • Introduced Idea process for product enhancement ideas. 
  • Added several search synonyms: e.g. searching for "IIQ" searches for IIQ & IdentityIQ.
  • Added other partner types to the automation for self-registration.
  • Improved logic to match the email domain of registering users to known domains in our customer database.
  • If you do not have Elevated Access, clicking on "Org Tickets" in Review Requests shows a message explaining this and how to request it. 
  • The support case interface now shows attached file names.
  • Front page now greets you by your first name, not your username.
  • Forum posts require at least one label, to help with categorization and search.
  • User feedback survey screen widened so content formats better without line breaks.
  • Post to help users find File Access Manager forum posts.
  • SailPoint employee users now have a small SailPoint logo beside their name.

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