How To: Discussion Groups


Engage with other users in the Discussion Groups (also referred to as Forums or Boards). 

Discuss > Forums

Ask a question or chime in on a conversation by visiting the Forums under the Discuss tab. Select the product that applies to your topic to see the most recent community conversations. On the sidebar navigation you will see Trending Discussions, a Leaderboard of the current top contributors, and the Top Labels and Tags in that space.

Use the labels and tags to drill down into specific topics on the board. 

Community members are encouraged to participate on a thread, or click on Post A Question to start a new one. As you type out a title for your post you will see suggested existing threads that may be similar to what you are asking. 

The title of your post is important. Keep it short and concise. In the body of your message, include as much information as possible about your issue. Include things like the version number, connectors, error logs, and any other solutions from other threads or documentation that you tried but didn't work.

If you are an IdentityIQ user, read more about How to get the best answer to your question

After you write out your title and message, select a label or tag to categorize your post. This will make it easier for other users to find your comment or question. 

You can also share your expertise by replying to another user's question. Click on the subject of a post to view the thread. Click on Reply to leave a comment. If you are replying to a specific person in the thread, you can tag them by putting an "@" before their username. You can go back to the main board by clicking on All forum topics, or you can navigate by clicking on Previous Topic or Next Topic. After you post a question or reply to message, you can still edit or delete your response.

Make sure you give Kudos on posts, and use the Accept Solution button for your questions.  This improves the search results for other users with similar interests, and it makes our community more engaging and vibrant. 


This does not tell you what steps to take if you do not find a answer to your question, or if no one responds with a answer.

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