How To: Identity University

How To: Identity University

SailPoint's Identity University has launched on March 18. This guide provides in-depth information on the new user experience. Subscribe to Community Announcements for more information and updates. For questions about Identity University, please create an Education Services ticket from the Support Portal.



Browse the user-friendly catalog and search for courses based on role, task, or solution. Whether it's QuickLearn, or a longer multi-part course, the new Identity University learning management system makes it even easier to purchase, register and complete your training.


How to Register for Training

1. Start by heading to and then click Sign In located in the upper right hand corner.

Note: Your user account will remain enabled with no change of credentials.

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2. You will be directed to the single access page.

3. Enter in your email and click Submit.

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4. Enter in your current Identity University password and click Sign On.

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How to Access Product Training

1. Begin by clicking Browse in the upper left hand corner.

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2. Select Product Training and choose the SailPoint product that you would like to learn more about.

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3. Select from any of the courses listed in either the Learner Catalog or Videos sections that you want to start learning more about.

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How to Access QuickLearns

QuickLearns are a new type of SailPoint training that provides short targeted training. QuickLearn content ranges from topic overviews to how to demonstration videos, to games testing your knowledge, and more.

1. Start by clicking Browse in the upper left hand corner and then select QuickLearns.

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Viewing QuickLearns Individually

1. Begin by clicking Browse in the upper left hand corner, select QuickLearns, and then click on Learning Catalog.

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Viewing QuickLearns by Series

1. Start by selecting Browse in the upper left hand corner, click QuickLearns, and then select QuickLearn Series.

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 2. Once you arrive to the QuickLearn Series page, click on a QuickLearn course that you want to learn more about.

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How to Access SailPoint Professional Certifications

SailPoint's professional certifications allows you to register for SailPoint certified exams for both IdentityIQ and IdentityNow.

1. Begin by clicking on the Browse tab in the upper left hand corner, select Professional Certifications, and then click the certification you would like to pursue.

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How to Access My Learner Dashboard

In the Learner Dashboard, you can view your profile information, a list of courses you registered for and completed, your course order history, and more.

1. Start by selecting the menu icon in the upper left hand corner and then click the Me tab.

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How to View Training Paths

1. Start by clicking on Training Paths located directly next to the Training Catalog tab where you will be re-directed to SailPoint's community website, Compass.

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2. Once you have arrived at the Training Paths page, select the training path you want to learn more about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access the Identity University FAQ?

For general questions regarding Identity University, please visit the FAQ page.


If I have any questions about Identity University, who do I contact?

Please open an Education Services ticket from the Support Portal.

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