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How To: Labels and Tags

How To: Labels and Tags

Categorize the information in Compass with labels and tags.


The labels in the community are defined by SailPoint and are used to indicate the topic of your post. The labels you choose act as an overarching content theme in the community. When posting an article or a question, use the label to categorize your post in a high-level way, which will make it easier for other users to find. 

Only the author of a post can add a label. Labels cannot be added to replies or comments. 

Click on a popular label listed on the sidebar on most of the community pages to see a list of the posts in that space with that label. 


Tags are defined and added by Compass users. You can write and add any tag that you'd like to many documents across the community including posts, articles, comments and replies. All members can tag items. 

Tag clouds can be found on the side bar on most of the pages in Compass; the darker or bolder the word is, the more frequently it is used. Click a tag to find all instances in that space. 

Be thoughtful when selecting a label or tag. How you organize community content affects how other users find and interact with it.

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