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How to: Wikis

How to: Wikis



Wikis are an efficient way to gather and distribute information in the community. In each wiki, there are submitted ideas, solutions, and best practices that were carefully written by other users and SailPoint employees. Some wiki articles cover proper guidelines to install a connector while others provide definitions for certain product features. The wikis contain an abundance of helpful articles that provide in-depth information about various topics within both IdentityIQ and IdentityNow.


Accessing SailPoint's wikis

Start by finding the Community tab and then select the product that you are interested in learning more about under the Knowledge section.

Tutorial Screenshot #1.png


Finding specific topics in SailPoint's wikis

There are two ways to find wiki articles on a specific topic which are by searching for a term or phrase in the knowledge base or by using the labels in the sidebar. 


Finding articles on a specific topic via labels

Begin by selecting the SailPoint wiki of your choice located in the Community tab and then click on the label you want to learn more about under the Labels section.

Tutorial Screenshot #3.png


Finding articles on a specific topic via search

Begin by typing in the topic you are interested in learning more about in the search bar and then click on the magnifying glass icon.

Note: A few posts in the community's knowledge base will show up while you are typing in your search phrase in the search bar.

Tutorial Screenshot #4.png

Once you land in the Search page, click on the Location filter located under the Posts tab, select Community Wiki, and then click on the wiki of your choice.

Tutorial Screenshot #5.png


Leaving a comment on a wiki article

All community members have the option to leave a comment on an IdentityIQ and IdentityNow wiki article. Some users leave feedback for the author of the article while others respond to a user in need of assistance. When crafting your response, please be careful and mindful of other community members. 

To leave a comment on a wiki article, scroll down to the end of the article you are viewing, and then type in your response in the large text field.

Tutorial Screenshot #6.png


The forums and wikis are the most interactive areas of Compass. A simple way to delineate the two areas is, if you have a question about your product, post it in the forum and if you want to read articles about a specific topic, visit the community wiki. 


Interested in learning about the other interactive area in Compass? Read the How to: Forums article. 

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