IdentityNow REST APIs

IdentityNow REST APIs

The APIs listed below are previous generations that will be deprecated in the future. All API documentation for the current iteration of Sailpoint's APIs has moved to

Account Activities


Name Request Description
List Account Activities GET /v3/account-activities This gets a collection of account activities that satisfy the given query parameters.
Get Account Activity GET /v3/account-activities/{id} This gets an account activity object that satisfies the given query parameters.


Access Requests


Name Request Description
Submit Access Request POST /v3/access-requests This submits the access request into IdentityNow, where it will follow any IdentityNow approval processes. This doesn't return a result because the request has been submitted/accepted by the system.
Get Access Request Status GET /beta/access-request-status This gets a list of access request statuses according to the provided query parameters.
Approve Access Request POST /v2/approvals/{id}/approve-request Approves an access request.
Reject Access Request POST /v2/approvals/{approvalId}/reject-request Rejects an access request.
Forward Access Request POST /v2/approvals/{approvalId}/forward Forwards an access request approval.
List Access Requests GET /v2/access-requests Lists the access request for an identity.
List Access Approvals GET /v2/approvals Lists the access request approvals.
List Access Approvals for Identity GET /v2/identities/{id}/approvals Lists access request approvals owned by the given identity.


Access Request Config


Name Request Description
Get Access Request Config GET /beta/access-request-config Gets the access request configurations - settings like escalations, reminders, who can request for whom, etc.
Update Access Request Config PUT /beta/access-request-config Updates the access request configurations- settings like escalations, who can request for whom, reminders, etc.




Name Request Description
List Accounts GET /beta/accounts This lists all accounts in the system.
Get Account GET /beta/accounts/{id} This gets a specific account in the system.
Update Account PATCH /beta/accounts/{id} This updates a specific account's correlation.
Create Account POST /vs/accounts Creates a new account on a flat-file source.
Update Account (Full) PUT /v2/accounts/{id} Updates a specific account.
Update Account (Partial) PATCH /v2/accounts/{id} Updates a specific account.
Delete Account DELETE /v2/accounts/{id} Deletes a specific account.
List Accounts GET /v2/accounts List accounts for a given source.


Access Profiles


Name Request Description
Create Access Profile POST /v2/access-profiles Creates a new access profile
Get Access Profile GET /v2/access-profiles/{id} Retrieves an access profile by ID.
Delete Access Profile DELETE /v2/access-profiles/{id} Deletes a specific access profile.
Update Access Profile (Full) PUT /v2/access-profiles/{id} Updates a specific access profile.
Update Access Profile (Partial) PATCH /v2/access-profiles/{id} Updates a specific access profile.
List Access Profiles GET /v2/access-profiles List access profiles.
List Entitlements for Access Profile GET /v2/access-profiles/{id}/entitlements List entitlements for a specific access profile.




Name Request Description
Create Identity POST /v2/identities Creates a new identity.
Get Identity GET /v2/identities/{id} Retrieves the identity by ID or alias.
Delete Identity DELETE /v2/identities/{id} Deletes an existing identity.
Update Identity (Partial) PATCH /v2/identities/{id} Updates one or more attributes of an identity, found by ID or alias.
List Identities GET /v2/identities Retrieves the identities.
Lock Identity POST /v2/identities/bulk-lock Locks one or more identities. Identities MUST reset their password in order to be unlocked.
List Apps for Identity GET /v2/identities/{id}/apps Lists all apps available to the given identity. The list will include apps which have launchers created for the identity.




Name Request Description
List Launchers GET /v2/launchers/{id} Retrieves the details of the launcher.
Click a Launcher POST /v2/launchers/{id}/click Increments internal ‘click’ statistics for the launcher.
Create Launcher for Identity POST /v2/identities/{id}/launchers Creates a new launcher for the given identity. This endpoint is found in links within the ‘accessMethods’ attribute for GET identities/{id}/apps response body.
Update Launcher (Partial) PATCH /v2/launchers/{id}
Updates one or more attributes of a launcher.
Delete Launcher for Identity DELETE /v2/identities/{id}/launchers/{launcher-id} Deletes an existing launcher for the given identity.
List Launchers for Identity GET /v2/identities/{id}/launchers Lists the launchers for the given identity.




Name Request Description
Get Task Result GET /v2/task-results/{id} Retrieves the results of a background task.
Get Tenant Settings GET /v2/org Retrieves information and operational settings for your org (as determined by the URL domain).
Update Tenant Settings (Partial) PATCH /v2/org Updates one or more attributes for your org.



Name Request Description
Get OAuth Token POST /oauth/token This gets an OAuth token from the IdentityNow API Gateway.


OAuth Clients


Name Request Description
List OAuth Clients GET /beta/oauth-clients This lists all OAuth Clients on IdentityNow's API Gateway.
Get OAuth Client GET /beta/oauth-clients/{id} This gets a specific OAuth Client on IdentityNow's API Gateway.
Create OAuth Client POST /beta/oauth-clients This creates a specific OAuth Client for IdentityNow's API Gateway.
Delete OAuth Client DELETE /beta/oauth-clients/{id} This deletes a specific OAuth Client on IdentityNow's API Gateway.


Password Dictionary


Name Request Description
Get Password Dictionary GET /beta/password-dictionary Gets the currently configured password dictionary.
Update Password Dictionary PUT /beta/password-dictionary Updates the currently configured password dictionary.


Personal Access Tokens


Name Request Description
List Personal Access Tokens GET /beta/personal-access-tokens/ Lists all the personal access tokens in IdentityNow.
Create Personal Access Token POST /beta/personal-access-tokens/ Creates a personal access token tied to the currently authenticated user.
Delete Personal Access Token DELETE /beta/personal-access-tokens/{id} Deletes a specific personal access token in IdentityNow.

Public Identity Config


Name Request Description
Get Public Identity Config GET /beta/public-identities-config Gets the public identity configuration object, which is used to display identity attributes in various areas of IdentityNow
Update Public Identity Config PUT /beta/public-identities-config Updates the public identity configuration object, which is used to display identity attributes in various areas of IdentityNow


Requestable Objects


Name Request Description
Get Requestable Objects GET /v3/requestable-objects This gets the objects in the system that are requestable via access request.




Name Request Description
Search POST /v3/search This performs a search with provided query and returns matching result collection.
Search Count POST /v3/search/count This performs a search with provided query and returns count of results in the X-Total-Count header.
Search Aggregate POST /v3/search/aggregate This performs a search query aggregation and returns aggregation result.
Search Index GET /v3/search/{index}/{id} This fetches a single document from the specified index using the specified document ID.



Name Request Description
List Sources GET /beta/sources/

This API lists all sources in IdentityNow.

Get Source GET /beta/sources/{id} This API gets a specific source from IdentityNow.
Create Source POST /beta/sources This API creates a source in IdentityNow.
Update Source (Full) PUT /beta/sources/{id} This API updates a source in IdentityNow, using a full object representation.
Update Source (Partial) PATCH /beta/sources/{id}
This API updates a source in IdentityNow, using a partial object representation.
Delete Source DELETE /beta/sources/{id} This API deletes a source in IdentityNow.
Aggregate Source POST /cc/api/source/loadAccounts/{id} This API aggregates all accounts on the source.
Reset Source POST /cc/api/source/reset/{id} This API kicks off a process to clear out all accounts and entitlements in IdentityNow.
Get Source Attribute Sync Config GET /cc/api/source/getAttributeSyncConfig/{id} Gets the attribute sync configurations for a particular source.
Set Source Attribute Sync Config POST /cc/api/source/setAttributeSyncConfig/{id} Updates the attribute sync configurations for a particular source.


Tagged Objects


Name Request Description
Add Tag to Object POST /beta/tagged-objects

Adds tag to a specific object.

Get All Tagged Objects GET /beta/tagged-objects/ Lists all tagged objects.
Get All Tagged Objects (by Type) GET /beta/tagged-objects/{type}/ Gets tagged objects for a specific type.
Get Specific Tagged Object GET /beta/tagged-objects/{type}/{id} Gets tags for specific object.
Update Specific Tagged Object PUT /beta/tagged-objects/{type}/{id} Updates tags for specific object.
Remove Tags for Specific Tagged Object DELETE /beta/tagged-objects/{type}/{id} Deletes tags for specific object.
Add Tags to Many Objects (Bulk) POST /beta/tagged-objects/bulk-add Adds tags to many objects.
Remove Tags to Many Objects (Bulk) POST /beta/tagged-objects/bulk-remove Removes tags from many objects




Name Request Description

List Transforms

GET /cc/api/transform/list

This API lists all transforms in IdentityNow. This includes built-in system transforms as well.

Get Transform GET /cc/api/transform/get/{id} This API gets a specific transform from IdentityNow.
Create Transform POST /cc/api/transform/create This API creates a transform in IdentityNow.
Update Transform POST /cc/api/transform/update/{id} This API updates a transform in IdentityNow.
Delete Transform POST /cc/api/transform/delete/{id} This API deletes a transform in IdentityNow.
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Is it not possible to re-assign campaign items via an API call?

Is there an API page for IdentityNow.  Searching through compass articles/forums is a nightmare trying to find documented IdentityNow API.  I have better luck finding the API calls I'm looking for on repos like on github reps either from your partners, or your customers than I do from SailPoint and this compass site.  If there is an API page, or a repo created by SailPoint that lists the API that would helpful.

@thymmen Although that site has improved over time I have not seen it to be a full comprehensive listing of nearly all the different host and endpoint calls of IDN's various APIs.

Is SOAP supported ? is not helpful. It has very little information. Please improve.

@denvercape1  and @chris 


This is excellent! Thank you both.

You can also use the developer tools from your browser to see what IdentityNow is doing when performing certain actions from the UI. Helps a lot to figure out which API calls to use.

I agree that the new API portal is really lacking.  The legacy and V2 methods were omitted. Although its prettier and loads faster.   

I'd love to see everything included and notes and links next to any that have been superseded.  If SP wants to discourage deprecated calls but they haven't been superseded, list them but with a warning/suggestion people contact support before using. 

Great input and suggestions @ChrisOlsen and @denvercape1  . Much thanks.

@dernc Also the SailPoint team has been working on this (see url) which looks to be going in the direction the community is wanting to see as far as API documentation goes:

Any API available to read the Syslogs, audit log from IdentityNow. As I need to integrate with SIEM tool to read the logs from IdentityNow. I have checked in API document but not getting it.

Is Aggregate Source API still in use?

Most of the API's names are changed in version SailPoint - SaaS API (3.0.0) and SailPoint - Beta SaaS API (3.1.0-beta). 

Version 1 (Private) and Version 2 API's are still in use or only we have to strict with V3 and Beta?

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