Intello has joined the SailPoint crew!

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As we kick-off 2021, I have some exciting news to share from SailPoint! 


Today we closed on an exciting acquisition of Intello, a SaaS application management platform that helps customers get their arms around the massive amount of SaaS app sprawl happening across businesses. With Intello, our customers can easily discover and manage all of their SaaS applications, even uncovering those outside of IT’s purview.


This acquisition addresses a major security challenge for businesses that has become increasingly more complex and impactful with this massive shift to remote working. The notion of “Shadow Access,” or the growing lack of visibility into what SaaS apps exist across the business and who, or what, has access to them, represents a major area of risk to most businesses today.


With Intello, we’ll soon be able to help you quickly discover, control access, track usage, and enforce security policies for all SaaS applications across your business. Intello is complementary to our already robust suite of products and once fully integrated, will provide you with a seamless process of discovery through governance of all of SaaS applications in your ecosystem.


We’ll be sharing much more about this product and our integration approach in the coming weeks, but for now you can find more information in this press release.


This is a very exciting acquisition for us and one that furthers our commitment of enabling our customers to protect their businesses at scale. 


As always, thank you for being our valued customer.


Take care,

Meredith Blanchar

SVP, Customer Success