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Delivering on our vision to embed identity into the cloud enterprise’s digital fabric, SailPoint announced additional extensibility functionality to our platform. SailPoint also introduced the new SailPoint Developer Community to help developers move quickly and with less effort.


The new extensibility features, coupled with the SailPoint Developer Community, enables you to infuse the SailPoint Identity platform’s core functionalities within your workflows, reducing integration development from months to days or even hours. This allows the opportunity to make identity security decisions with greater ease, creating workflows that fit within your company’s existing business processes and infrastructure. For example, when an identity change occurs, administrators are automatically notified via a collaboration tool like Slack or Microsoft Teams to take action. There is no longer a need to schedule frequent reviews in other systems to identify and make important identity decisions as workforce access needs evolve to meet business demands.


For additional information on this exciting news, please see the following press release and blog.

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