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SailPoint Employee
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The updated Compass navigation is now live! The new menu might feel familiar because it uses the same styling from SailPoint's main site.

The links that appear in the menu are dependent on: 

  • Your logged in/ logged out status
  • If you are partner or customer 
  • What type of product you own


Compass Menu 001.png

SaaS and software information, as well as downloads and integrations, can be found under the Products tab. 

Compass Menu 002_edited menu.png


Resources is where you will find community shortcuts, network opportunities, the customer newsletter and recommended community pages. 

Compass Menu 003.png


Under Community is where you go to ask a question in the forum, subscribe to a blog, check out the product wikis, submit an idea and more. 

Compass Menu 004.png


Head over to Support for new customer and partner resources, the Support Portal, training through Identity University, developer information and links for partners. 

Compass Menu 005.png

The updated menu incorporates links from the community and other SailPoint websites. We placed icon identifiers next to any outbound link, so you know when you are leaving the community. Note that some of these sites may require that you register or login. 

Compass Menu 006.png


The final change is the way messages and notifications appear. A red dot will show next to your profile image when you have a message. Click on your profile to expand the menu, and select the bell for notifications or the envelope for private messages. 

Compass Menu 007-01.png


This is a big shift from the previous version! The goal is to make it easier for you to find community pages and links to other SailPoint portals. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to the team at

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