Menu and landing page updates planned for November 17

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Community Manager
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IdentityNow, IdentityAI and Cloud Governance landing pages are being replaced with one SaaS Platform landing page for all SaaS products. 

On Tuesday, November 17, we are launching a single landing page experience for our SaaS solutions and blog. These changes will make it easier to find guides based on the SaaS capability that you are implementing.

Community members should still go to the IdentityNow wiki and IdentityNow forum for SaaS community support.

Make sure you review and update your bookmarks and subscriptions after the launch of the new page! 


Current State - 



Future State - IdentityNow, AI Services and Cloud Governance links in the menu will redirect to the new SaaS Platform landing page.

SaaS Platform menu.png


Preview of the new SaaS Platform landing page - 


Please note that we are also migrating the content from the blogs listed below to the SaaS Updates blog. The old blogs will be removed.  


If you have any questions or feedback about this update you can reach out to the team at

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