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Non-public APIs to be deprecated on March 31, 2024

SailPoint Employee
SailPoint Employee
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Since February of 2023, SailPoint has been actively working on the deprecation of non-public APIs, replacing outdated functionality with more modern solutions. If you are a SailPoint Identity Security Cloud or IdentityNow customer, please note that non-public API endpoints will be deprecated on March 31, 2024.

Not sure if this message applies to you? Any API that doesn’t start with /v3 or /beta is considered a legacy non-public API.

We encourage you to take the following streps if you’re currently using non-public API endpoints:

  1. Join our bi-weekly API deprecation office hours
    Whether you need assistance with object mappings, data types, or understanding how to change your API calls for our SDKs, our bi-weekly sessions are a great way to connect. View the Developer Community events calendar and register for the next office hours.
  2. Visit the API deprecation help center
    Swing by the help center for specific details about the endpoints being deprecated, their suitable replacements, and an opportunity to discuss any challenges or questions with our Developer Relations team.
  3. Subscribe to the API deprecation category
    Be the first to know about any depreciation updates. Subscribe to notifications in the #idn:api-deprecations category by clicking on the “bell” icon in the top right and setting your notification preference to “tracking” or higher.
  4. Connect with your Customer Success team
    Have burning questions, concerns, or just want to talk? Your Customer Success team is here for you! Please reach out to your CSM anytime. 

In addition to the resources listed above, you can also submit a request for an architect session or project review.

Please reach out to your customer success manager for any questions or concerns you may have. Your attention to this matter is truly appreciated, and we’re grateful for your ongoing partnership with SailPoint.

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