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Along with small UI changes, we are also hard at work processing your feedback and making changes to the structure of the community.

You can now find presentations in pdf format from the past Navigate conferences on the Navigate Presentations page under the Training tab. There are also links to the main Navigate page where you can read the latest news on this year's conference. This replaces the Navigate 2019 user group. 

Looking for help understanding features in the community? You can visit the Compass FAQ by clicking on your avatar and clicking Help (see picture) or you can read and watch tutorials on the Community Tutorials page. The Community Tutorials page was previously called "How To Use Compass."


If you haven't already, I also recommend visiting the Community Rules page to read the User Agreement and Statement on SailPoint Source Code. Community Rules was previously called Compass User Guides. 

For now the Compass Q&A was sunsetted. There was confusion as to what kinds of posts should go here, so in order to continue driving questions to the product forums this board was removed. If you encounter any issues with your Compass account please reach out directly at

Please continue to use the product forums for your questions! Questions and comments were being missed in the various document sections throughout the community, and the lack of a threading feature made it difficult to follow long conversations. Moving forward, those areas will have this feature turned off. By asking your question in the forum you will ensure a higher visibility and improve your chances of getting a response. A best practice when creating a post in the forum is to link back to any relevant docs, other forums posts or authors.

More changes are on the way! Keep an eye on this blog, or subscribe, to be notified of future enhancements. Please continue to fill out the community survey when it pops up during your session. It won't pop up every time, but when it does, be sure to fill it out.

Your feedback affects the kinds of changes we make and will help the Compass Team improve the overall community experience. 

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