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We have made some changes to the Training section of the community. You can now find all training materials under the Identity University menu. 

Click on Identity University from the main menu for a quick overview of what courses are offered, and to learn how to register for a university account. Please note that users are required to have a Compass account before registering for an Identity University Account. 
Identity University Menu.png


Select the Certification Program from the submenu to learn more about the SailPoint Certified Identity Professional Program. 

Certification Program.png

Update your subscriptions and bookmarks to the new Identity University Blog, which covers news and announcements related to training, e-learning and the certification program. 

Identity University Blog.png


Update your subscriptions and bookmarks to the new Identity University knowledge bases! These knowledge bases were created so that some of the documentation could be easily linked to and viewed without having to register for Compass. 

Private, requires Compass account to viewIdentity University Documents 

Public, does not require Compass account to viewIdentity University Training Resources

Identity University knowledge bases.png


If you have any questions or feedback about these updates please reach out to the Community Team at compass-help@sailpoint.com

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