We are excited to announce our acquisition of ERP Maestro, Inc!

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Well, we are certainly off to a busy and exciting start to 2021 at SailPoint as I’m reconnecting with each of you to share some more exciting news.


Yesterday we closed on another acquisition – this time with a company called ERP Maestro which is a SaaS governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution. With ERP Maestro, SailPoint will unite identity security with ERP Maestro’s Separation-of-Duty (SoD) controls monitoring for your organizations’ most critical applications, like SAP. This will provide an integrated approach for effective identity security controls and SoD oversight.  This type of oversight is critical spot and stop risks posed by potential insider SoD conflicts before they become a crisis of fraud or breach of sensitive data.


ERP Maestro brings an experienced team with a rich heritage in ERP-focused audit and compliance.  Tapping their deep domain expertise combined with our comprehensive approach to managing and securing workforce access across all critical business systems and applications makes for a natural pairing, one that will help to shut down the siloed approach that many companies typically find themselves in – managing SoD monitoring and controls for sensitive business systems separately from their identity security program. By uniting the two, we’ll soon be able to help you reduce and eliminate gaps in visibility across the entirety of your workers’ access needs across all applications and data.


We’ll be sharing much more about this product and our integration approach in the coming weeks, but for now you can find more information in this press release.


We look forward to bringing new value to you through this acquisition as well as the recent acquisition of Intello as we help you continue to navigate your identity journey with SailPoint.


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