How To: Use the SailPoint Support Portal

How To: Use the SailPoint Support Portal


The New SailPoint Support Portal Is Here!

Use the SailPoint Support Portal to open Services and Support tickets. 

The support portal now allows you to:

  • Search and filter your tickets
  • Close your tickets
  • CC others on your support ticket requests

Before you access the new SailPoint Support Portal, please verify that your email in Compass is accurate and up to date. If you need to update your email, contact


Access the SailPoint Support Portal

Under the Support tab in the main menu, click on Support Portal to view the portal redirect page.

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 8.59.52 AM.png


After selecting the Working with Support link, click on Log a Support Ticket located in the right hand corner. Reminder, the portal can be used to create services and support tickets!

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When accessing the support portal for the first time, follow the steps on this page to create a new password and log into the portal. 

How To Support Portal Redirect Page 001.PNG


Click on the Create a New Password link and enter in the email that is associated with your Compass account. You will not be able to access the portal if you try to use a different email. If your email is out of date, please contact to update your email before following these steps. 

How To Support Portal Reset Email 001.PNG


Click Submit after entering your email. You can access the portal through the link in your confirmation email (after following the step above) or by the Log a Support Ticket link.


How To Navigate the Portal

Use Search to look for knowledge base articles based on some commonly asked questions. 

How To Support Portal Landing Page 001.PNG


Create a Ticket

Create a ticket by clicking on Submit a request from the landing page.  

How To Support Portal Submit a Request.png 


On the "Submit a request" screen, select an option from the drop down menu and fill out the form.

How To Support Portal Submit a Request menu.PNG


View Tickets

View open tickets by clicking on My Activities from the drop down menu.

How To Support Portal My Activities.png


On the "My requests" screen you can sort tickets using the following under Status: Open, Awaiting your reply, and Solved. You can also Search requests to locate a ticket. On this screen you can view your requests (your tickets), requests that you are CC'd on and if you have elevated access you will see additional tab for your organization's tickets.

How To Support Portal View Requests.PNG


Update a Ticket

Reply to a request by selecting the appropriate ticket.

How To Support Reply 001.png


Click on Add to conversation. 

How To Support Reply 002.png


Type in your response and click Submit

How To Support Reply 003.png


Need Help With the Support Portal?

Contact if you encounter any problems or have questions about using the SailPoint Support Portal. 

Learn more about Working with Services and Working with Support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the Services and Support tab?

Your permissions may be incorrect. Please email us at


Are my credentials different for the SailPoint Support Portal? 

You enroll for the support portal using the email that is that associated with your Compass account. The password will be whatever you set it to while enrolling. This password will not automatically be the same as your Compass password. These are two different logins. If you get locked out or run into problems resetting your password for the support portal, please contact


If I change my email, do I need to change it in Compass and in the SailPoint Support Portal?

To update your email, send a message to


Do I need special permissions to access the support portal? 

All you need is an active Compass account in order to access the support portal.


Why can't I see my organization's tickets?

Your organization may not have Elevated Access enabled. If you should have Elevated Access, please contact


What is Elevated Access?

Elevated Access allows users to see any ticket opened by any other user in their organization. This is a powerful permission that can be requested by the appropriate person from your organization, like a manager, supervisor or director. Elevated Access can be granted at the individual or organizational level. If you are interested in enabling this feature, send your questions to


Why am I getting the error " refused to connect" when I try to sign in to SailPoint Support Portal?

This error occurs when your browser blocks third party cookies. Read this tutorial and learn how to enable third party cookies.


Who do I contact if I have any problems submitting a request or viewing my activities?


How do I use the Support Knowledge Base? 

Read How To: Use the Support Knowledge Base to learn more about utilizing the knowledge base in the Support Portal. 

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