How To: Use the Support Knowledge Base

How To: Use the Support Knowledge Base

The SailPoint Support Knowledge Base is now available through the Support Portal.

The Support Knowledge Base offers another channel for users to find answers to their pressing issues. This resource exists in parallel to the Compass Community, and is not intended to replace it. We believe each of these tools addresses unique needs and provides complimentary forms of support.

To learn more about the Support Portal, refer to the How To: Use the SailPoint Support Portal article.


What To Expect From the Support Knowledge Base

The Support Knowledge Base contains fully supported guidance on common issues or routine solutions. We regularly examine our support cases to identify patterns, and target knowledge base articles to proactively address these. This repository is a helpful first line of defense against product issues. Checking for an established solution to your problem may allow you to resolve it in less time than it takes to submit a support request.

In addition to searching the Knowledge Base, users will be prompted with potentially relevant articles as they fill in the details of a support request.


Reviewing the suggested articles may provide an established solution or helpful talking points when contacting support.

Please note that knowledge base articles are generally confined to the same scope as that of Support, and cannot typically address issues of custom code or issues outside of SailPoint products.

For details on using the Support Knowledge Base, see this article: "Introducing the Support Knowledge Base."


Issues Beyond the Scope of the Support Knowledge Base

The Compass Community remains one of the best resources for issues that extend beyond the scope of support. Seeking out the experiences and advice of other users and SailPoint employees on your product's discussion group will often provide useful suggestions and insights that can resolve your issue or improve your success.

For details on effectively asking a question on Compass, see the Compass articles "How To: Forums" and "How to Get the Best Answers to Your Questions."

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