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SecZetta Announcement Q&A

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Community Manager
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  1. What did SailPoint announce on Jan 12, 2023? 

SailPoint announced it has acquired SecZetta, an early-stage identity company that helps organizations manage non-employee identities.

  1. Who is SecZetta and what do they do?

SecZetta provides non-employee identity risk solutions that are easy to use, and purpose built to help organizations execute risk-based identity security strategies for non-employees. With SecZetta, organizations can discover, manage, and secure non-employee identities in a collaborative and consistent manner, from both internal and external sources, throughout the lifecycle of their non-employee population.

  1. Why did SailPoint decide to acquire SecZetta? 

Organizations today are managing a wide range of identities beyond employees.  Partners, seasonal workers, and vendors now make up a large percentage of a company’s workforce and managing their identities is complex.  Because of this, organizations are looking for a solution that can bring all these critical identities under control.  

SailPoint + SecZetta gives organizations access to a powerful identity security solution that extends advanced governance controls to large and complex populations of non-employee users deep into applications like ServiceNow and Salesforce. By leveraging our advanced AI functionality organizations can ensure that applications and data are secure by granting access to only the right identities at the right time, no matter if they are employees or non-employees like partners, temporary workers, software bots or contractors.

  1. How does this acquisition of SecZetta relate to SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud? 

The traditional approach to managing employees' identities in one system and non-employee identities through a separate system or even manually is no longer enough.  Businesses need a solution for managing and identifying the full universe of identities that touch the organization, including non-employee identities and their relationships to other identities. 

Leveraging the integration between SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and SecZetta, customers can easily manage the simplest to the most complex scenarios when it comes to non-employee identities the same way they are currently managing employee identities.

  1. What products does SecZetta currently have?

SecZetta currently offers the following solutions:

  • Third-Party Identity Lifecycle Management– base solution that includes Process Orchestration, Relationship & Personal Management, Risk Scoring, & Collaboration for third-party identities
  • Identity Consolidation - enables organizations to simplify their Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) efforts by merging and organizing people data from many different sources such as disparate HR systems or other authoritative repositories, establishing, and maintaining master identities in a centralized repository.
  • Identity Proofing - enables organizations to invoke large scale or individual identity verification during the onboarding process or at any time throughout the third-party identity lifecycle
  1. When will the new offering based on this acquisition be available and how will it be packaged and priced?

The team is currently working on the packaging and pricing plan. More information will be shared in the coming weeks. 

  1. How is what SailPoint offers for a non-employee lifecycle management (NELM) solution different from what this acquisition will provide?

Our current NELM solution performs requests and approvals for the management of non-employee (human only) identities and acts as a repository for these identities. Combined with SecZetta, we will offer a robust set of capabilities to manage and govern non-employee identities (human and non-human). More information will be shared soon.

  1. I’m a SecZetta customer. Where can I go for support if I’m in the middle of a project and have questions?  

During this transition, for those customers in the middle of a project and in need of support, please reach out to Chris Thomas and/or Tina Timmerman

  1. What should I do next?

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