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How to: Use the Support Portal for training requests

How to: Use the Support Portal for training requests

If you encounter any issues or have questions about using the SailPoint Support Portal, please reach out to




Use the SailPoint Support Portal to submit requests and track your cases at any time. To find out more information about navigating through the Support Portal, check out this community tutorial.


Create a training request

1. Head to the SailPoint Support Portal and click Sign In located at the upper-right corner.

Tutorial Screenshot #1.png

2. Select the Support tab and then select the Submit a Request link under the For Customers section.

Tutorial Screenshot #2.png

3. On the Service Catalog page, select the Services panel and then click on the Education Services link to be redirected to its form.

Tutorial Screenshot #3.png

4. Fill out the required fields that are represented by the "*" icon and then click Submit to create your request.

Tutorial Screenshot #4.png


Viewing your cases

There are two different ways to access the Cases page.

The first way is by selecting the Support tab and then click on the Cases link under the For Customers section.

Tutorial Screenshot #5.png

The second way is by clicking View Cases located next to the Find Knowledge button.

Tutorial Screenshot #6.png

The My Lists page consists of five different panels that allows you to view a particular list of cases.

Tutorial Screenshot #7.png

# List Name Description



A complete list of cases that you have access to.


My Cases

Cases that have been created for you as a contact.


Action Needed

Cases that require your attention.


Watchlisted Cases

If you have been added as a watchlist member for cases, they will appear under this list.


My Org's Cases

Show all the cases for the organization or account that you are a contact for. You need Elevated Access to view this list.


Updating a request

Users can update their requests at any time. To do so, begin by selecting the View Cases button on the Support Portal homepage, click the panel of your choice, and then select the case that you want to edit.

Tutorial Screenshot #8.png

To add a comment to a case, type in the text box located below the Attachments tab and then click Send. To make a specific action on a case, start by clicking on the Actions button and then select any of the options that are available in the drop-down menu.

Note: The actions you can take depend on the state of the case. For example, if a case is resolved, you can either accept or reject the solution that was provided.

Tutorial Screenshot #9.png


Case states

Below are a list of definitions for case states in the Support Portal.

# Case State Description



The initial state for a new support request which is created through the SailPoint Support Portal.



The case is assigned to a SailPoint representative.


Pending SailPoint

The client is waiting for more information from the SailPoint representative that is assigned to their case.


Pending Customer

A SailPoint representative is waiting for more information from the client.



A SailPoint representative has proposed a solution and waits for the client to either accept or reject the solution.



The client has accepted the solution which will permanently close the case.



The client has cancelled their support request.


Requests in the closed state

After a SailPoint representative has proposed a solution, you can either accept or reject the solution. If you reject the provided solution, your case will be remain open. If you accept a solution, your case will be permanently closed and cannot be updated.

Tutorial Screenshot #10.png


Interested in finding out more information about the Support knowledge base? Read this community tutorial.

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