Can I delegate my certifications to another reviewer?

Version 9

    You might need to assign your certifications to another user for a number of reasons:


    • You might discover that one or more of the people in your certification actually need to be reviewed by another person. In cases like these, you can reassign them directly from your list of active certifications.


    • You might be on vacation during a certification review or otherwise unable to certify any person's access to applications and data.


    In cases such as these, you can ask an IT administrator at your company to reassign all or some of your certifications to another reviewer as long as that person:

      • Is a valid user in IdentityNow.
      • Is not your direct report.
      • Has not also delegated their certifications to someone else.

    NOTE: The option to reassign all certifications in bulk is only available for manager certifications before the campaign starts. Source owner certs can only be re-assigned on a case-by-case basis.


    For more information, see: