How do I manage my app passwords?

Version 14

    You might want to change the password IdentityNow stores for one of your apps. From the IdentityNow Launchpad, you can update an app's password by clicking on the app's tile and selecting Update Password.


    You can manage all your apps' passwords by going to the Passwords tab, or clicking Password Manager from the drop-down menu under your user name.


    CAUTION: If you have the ability to alternate accounts on an app, editing a password here only updates the password for the currently selected account on that app. If it is your primary account, also known as your authentication account, it might also update your IdentityNow password and your network password. If it is a secondary account, it updates the password on the authentication source assigned to the app.


    This page contains all the apps on your Launchpad and displays relationships between them, as follows:


    • Shared Password Groups - This section of the Password Manager page displays apps in groups that share a password. This can include:
      • Apps that share a password with a direct connect app source.
      • Apps that are connected to a direct connect app source that belongs to a password synchronization group.


    Click Update to change the password for all apps in the group.


    NOTE: If you experience errors for some apps, see What should I do if IdentityNow is having problems changing my password on an app?


    • Unshared Password Apps - These are apps that are managed by your IT department either because they own the accounts or because they have placed some security controls on the apps.


    Click Update for each app to change the password. You might also have to change the app on the related website.


    Your ability to make changes might also depend on how the app is being managed by your IT department. Contact the help desk if you have any questions

    pwd mgr.png
    • Private Apps - These are apps that you own the account for. They are not managed by your IT department and are provided in IdentityNow for your convenience.


    Click Update for each app to change the password. You will also have to change the app on the related website.


    For more information, see: